NAPA Rays - Autumn 1972 - Page 1

NAPA Rays – Autumn 1972

Fall Phenomenonby Mary Brunori Have you observed how, in the fall,A leaf downward in flight,Being so ethereally light,Pauses a twinkling so slightYou think it possible … Read More ›

Only On Sunday - Number 7, November 1972 - Page 1

Only On Sunday – Number 7, November 1972

Official Publication of the Suncoast Amateur Press Society How Does He Do It? ABOUT TEN WEEKS AGO, Dave Tribby and I visited Sandalwood Studio to … Read More ›

NAPA Rays - Winter 1972-73 - Page 1

NAPA Rays – Winter 1972-73

I Know Him Wellby Mary Brunori I can read his silent masks;I know his requests before he asks;I can anticipate all in advanceExcept his movements … Read More ›

APC News - Number 123 - Page 1

APC News – Number 123

Here it is, the APC Ticket: Re-elect Them All! It has been mentioned that all the NAPA officers are doing an excellent job. Things are … Read More ›