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Official Publication of the Suncoast Amateur Press Society

How Does He Do It?

ABOUT TEN WEEKS AGO, Dave Tribby and I visited Sandalwood Studio to help Wesson assemble his C&P 8×12. The work was done in his double garage which presented a few problems. The floor was wall to wall boxes and crates… a veritable obstacle course. It is hard to believe that Wesson has walled, shelved, and painted half the garage into a beautiful print shop in less than three months. Can Siamese Standpipe 52 be far behind? – FJL

Guest of honor is Sarasota society columnist Helen Griffith, daughter of Fossil Frederick M. Townsend who printed The Firefly exactly 100 years ago, when he was 10 years old. Others present: Helen & Sheldon Wesson; Fred, Betty & Ginny Liddle; Murray Tuckerman; Lee Hawes; Jack, Louise & Bill Bond; Elizabeth & Clyde Butt; Dave Tribby; Lisa Rodriguez; and Frank Spear. – FES

The House of the Heavenly Lion Dogs is compact. Beer and soft drinks are in the washing machine. Good clean fun.

Bulletin: Chairman Jack Bond announces July 5-7 dates for 1973 NAPA convention in St. Petersburg, with SAPS as hosts.

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Reformation, Sunday

The warmth and friendliness of the Suncoast Amateur Press Society have been impressive. But Recent Arrival cannot help but deplore the lack of Organization with (or without) which the SAPS have been able to stagger along thus far. Recent Arrival therefore proposes a Structure for SAPS.

1. The Chief (and only) Officer shall be an Executive Secretary Pro Tem. He shall continue in office indefinitely, but shall be designated “pro tem” to keep him on his toes and let him know the other members are continually watching him for signs of misfeasance, malfeasance and/or non-feasance in office.

I mean, we don’t want any of that feasance stuff down here in Sunny Florida. They may feas up North, but no officer of ours is going to feas and get away with it. An ExecSec discovered feasing in office shall be put in the stocks with a 5×8 Kelsey hung around his neck. His accuser shall assume the office in his stead. This almost guarantees peaceful continuity.

Leland M. Hawes, Jr. by virtue of unremitting, shall be designated as the first ExecSec Pro Tem, wriggle though he may.

2. Meetings shall be held semi-spasmodically, or at other times in between when an excuse shall present itself. The ExecSec shall be the sole judge of circumstances requiring the convocation of a meeting, except that he shall be subject to barbaric pressure from the other members.

3. Membership in SAPS shall be strictly limited to amateur publishers and/or printers and persons who tolerate amateur printers in their families or are members of organizations which tolerate and/or welcome amateur printers; such members residing in, near or within inconvenient traveling distance of the loose geographical area known as the Florida Suncoast. Transient membership shall be conferred upon visiting amateur journalists from other less-privileged areas.

4. There are no dues. However, the ExecSec may levy intolerable assessments upon all members and non-members to finance sewers, sidewalks, beer and other essential public works. Ladies bringing covered dishes to meetings shall be relieved of all assessments in perpetuum and shall be treated with the greatest respect and deference.

5. Applicants for membership (except for transients) shall be given an annual test of competence. This shall consist of setting 182 words of four or more syllables in 6-point Stymie Bold Extended, on a 42-pt body, 9-pica measure. – SW (Set by Hawes & Tribby)

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Ancient History Dept

In accordance with an important, if secret, law that was early passed by an unidentified legislature largely made up of men who were also members of their local Chambers of Commerce, we mention that the temperature in St. Petersburg on Feb. 6 1971 was 87 degrees. Come back, Verle. Instead of the roar of a cheery fire, Lee comforts SAPS with gale-force winds. It’s still warm. – Eliz. Butt

Twelve hundred miles of driving through the snow, sleet, and heavy rains didn’t stop this old Roadrunner from attending this February meeting of the SAPS. The Florida sun and weather is doing wonders for this bird who has suffered through the sub-zero temperatures and heavy snows of the Michigan winter. It was well worth all the trials and tribulations of the road to visit and explore the Hawes Castle, to set type once again and to visit other amateur journalists from this area.

We have also made up our mind to come back this way again. – Bob Kunde

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