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Fall Phenomenon
by Mary Brunori

Have you observed how, in the fall,
A leaf downward in flight,
Being so ethereally light,
Pauses a twinkling so slight
You think it possible you might
Not have seen it pause at all.

by Dorothy M. Schneider

Sooty tower, majestic giant,
Bulwark of strength and might;
Tireless, faithful commandant,
Silent guardsman, day and night.

by Eva Joy Heitmeyer

Let the bird in you
Outside the cage of you.

Where Do Our Dreams Go
by Mary Brunori

Where do our dreams go
When the end has come;
Do they live on, or
Do they, too, succumb?

I prefer to think
That our dreams surpass
The end and become the
Violets in the grass.

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Nine Out of Ten Have Nostalgia
by Mary Lou Cummins

Once upon a time,
They lived happily ever after…
What a long time ago that seems!
But, if we remember that time
And can set it in print,
We can live it again, in our dreams.

Poetic Bliss
by Sophia Sobin

The happiest moments
I ever knew
Are the moments in
I spent with you!

Without a Word
by Cynthia Sobsey

I am without a word
To say what is empty or full
Sitting on less than air
While the world takes my time
In it hair-snipping edges off –
I watch the birds pick up
Loose ends.

I Sing, My Love
by Ray Allen Albert

The warm
And pleasant love you give is mine
To hold and keep down deep
Within my heart.
I sing.
My song
Is full of happy notes that rise
Into the skies. I sing
My song of love,
My dear.

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All Material this issue courtesy of the NAPA Manuscript Bureau, Lea Palmer, Manager.

Napa Rays is published by Ray Allen Albert, Blacksburg, Va. 24060.

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