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Castleman & Grady Ride High: Proxies for Secretary Dumped in Brouhaha; $5 Dues Wins Out

Rolfe Castleman was elected president and $5 annual dues were adopted today amid proxy excitement. News of Milt Grady’s acceptance, announced yesterday, was joyfully received and he was unanimously chosen official editor.

All proxy balloting for secretary was nullified by a ruling of the chair, declaring that an “advisory” mailed in the same envelope was highly irregular and unethical. This led to the election of Stan Oliner by the convention.

By a four-vote majority, after years of effort, $5 dues were adopted with supporting support in the proxies.

Others elected were Norman Quillman, VP; Charles Russell, recorder; Heljeson, Dunlap and Louise Lincoln, executive judges; Cleveland, convention city. All amendments, except No. 5, were defeated.

A Question to be Considered
by Alf Babcock, Secretary

The suggestion has been made that we could save a few dollars by having the NAPA Secretary mail out the proxy ballots and convention invitations through the Mailing Bureau.

Inasmuch as the NAPA constitution states: “The Secy-T. shall furnish each member a proxy ballot at least 30 days before…” I feel a specific amendment is needed to permit possible use of the Mailing Bureau. Not all Mailers are efficient. We may expect a May 20 mailing – but if it does not go out until June 10 and then travels Third Class, some members are unlikely to get their ballots in time to vote. All you need is a few justified squawks to condemn penny-pinching.

Then also, not everyone reads the Bundle right away. Likewise, most of you know that a little Third Class mail never reaches the addressee; it is not forwarded, and some gets lost. Also, I think June is the most popular Moving Month judging from the host of address changes I have just been receiving. SO – consider carefully when this question comes up.

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Drone Fund?
by Alf Babcock

It has also been suggested by Robert Kerr of Canada that “I wonder if it would not be a good idea to charge ‘Drone Members’ the sum of ten dollars a year for their inaction? The funds collected from drones could be used to publish more papers to help swell our Bundles. You could call it the Drone Fund and the papers published by it Drone Papers. Think it over!”

That idea has considerable merit. It could be done unofficially with voluntary contributions. Whenever a member who had been a drone for past year sends in NAPA dues he or she could add a contribution to the Drone Fund and as soon as that Fund total was enough to pay for printing a paper, the secretary could have a Drone Paper printed. (Now members often send contributions to the NA or Mailing Bureau with their dues).

All that is needed is convention approval and support. In a way this is the old co-operative paper idea. Naturally individual publishing is much better – but not always possible. We have a lot of members whose only activity seems to be in paying their dues and perhaps reading bundles. This could let them do more.

Attendance Reaches 64

Thursday arrivals were Warren Rosenberger, Fred Gage, Wes Callender, guests Elsie Imfield and Howard Hodsdon, Herbert, Louise and Alan Teeple, Peggy and Stephen Teed, I. J. and Dena Zimmerman, bringing the total registration to 64.

Nita Gerner Smith is celebrating her 50th anniversary in amateur journalism by attending this convention.

The Segal Press produced our programs – “the handsomest we’ve had if I do say it myself,” claims Tillie.

Her Doctor Said “No”

Rusty Weixelbaum’s appearance at this convention was a complete surprise to many. She had been ill most of the year and was unable to answer letters…. President O’Rear came to this convention with what was probably the most prepared agenda and guide book ever designed to facilitate the movement of business.

This Paper Has Competition

Sally O’Rear and Rolfe Castleman were paired in a picture beside the press in the meeting room for the Newark Evening News. Rolfe, for once, was on the front end of the camera.

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Step Right Up, Folks

Hazel Segal was the first member to pay $5 dues, giving the money to the secretary immediately after the adoption of Amendment 5.

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