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Does the Spearmint Lose its Flavor on the Platen Overnight?


While feeding press, Fred Gage encountered gauge pin slippage and commandeered Harold Segal’s choon gum to hold the pin in position.

Next Kitty-Pot Casting

Latest foreign type import – not to be accepted at Skyline Bend – will be known among connoisseurs as Chinese Cookstove Gothic.

Watts Babcock Saying?

Both printers and non-printers, with Ralph as mentor, gave the art of printing a thorough overhaul during the evening session. Attendance was large and attentive. Steve Watts contributed some terse tidbits on presswork.

They Laffed When He Sat Down

There’s apparently no end to the talents of the NAPA crew. Rolfe Castleman can tinkle the 88’s like Liberace.

Group participation in production of an issue of APC News – memorable souvenir of each APC gathering, of which there have now been almost a hundred – is a major factor in the continuity of the Amateur Printers Club.

Normally each person present writes a few lines, sets a paragraph or so, and may help with the presswork – in between gabbing, comparing notes and inspecting local equipment and housing.

For amateur journalists and printers – normally “loners” scattered widely across the country – this participation in the group activity experienced at our APC meetings often reanimates sagging enthusiasm, recharging the inner batteries that later produce other individual ajay papers.

The APC might be termed a 15-year-old club organized thirty years ago. Now in its fourth activity era, the group has survived three dormant periods: 1935-41, 1946-50, 1954-58.

Relatively small in numbers – the group has included nine National presidents plus four official editors – and could tally three more former National prexies as sometime members.

The Amateur Printers Club is a living memorial to Vincent B. Haggerty and Edwin Hadley Smith. Hadley and Haggerty were oldtimers whose intensive circularizing of Kelsey handpress owners in 1930 won the National a score of printer recruits, and helped alter the non-publishing doldrums that almost killed the National in the pre-Depression years.

Other printing clubs have tried projects like production of calendar sheets, but such utilitarian group efforts (however creatively decorative) lack the zing of this thing: APC News, here’s to you!

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Coolies Labor Happily

Our boy-printers turned back to handpress operation after two nights of kicking a stiff 8×12, finding it easier for two to handpump from the rear than to feed and treadle the normal way.

Carr-t Blanc

Many of the delegates made a trip to Jim Carr’s shop in nearby Orange, where Carr and Bill Savary hosted them around the shop and explained some of the basics of offset printing.

Sally Gets Bad News

Sally O’Rear’s brother-in-law was critically injured and her sister seriously hurt yesterday when their car flipped over in New Mexico. Sally was set to rush home immediately after the installation, but there were no planes to Albuquerque until Sunday morning.

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Eat It, It’s Good for You”

Delegates were finding themselves particularly amused by assorted waitresses in local restaurants whose approach to the “waiting” game was entirely different to what one might expect. Especially Schrafft’s “Shirley Booth.”

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