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I Know Him Well
by Mary Brunori

I can read his silent masks;
I know his requests before he asks;
I can anticipate all in advance
Except his movements when we dance.

by D. Schneider

From sunrise to sunset,
From dusk to dawn,
Memories of you linger on.

Emigrant from Heaven
by John Gillick

The little boy is just approaching three;
He jumbles up his words atrociously.
You have to listen with a careful ear
If you would like to get his meaning clear.
But do not laugh, no matter how absurd
His effort to pronounce a simple word.
Of course, his diction isn’t very strong;
He’s not been in this country very long.

Sensitive Smeller
by Betty B. Millar

There was a young man named Tim O’Shay
Who took his new sweetheart a bouquet.
She sniffed at the flowers
For long endless hours
Not aware they were papier mache.

The Pants Parade
by Laurence E. Estes

According to the American scene,
All that I confess is –
That dainty little girls
In dainty little dresses
Are few and far between.

by Dorothy MacAulay

Acorns lie uncapped
Beneath scarlet Mother Oak.
Shout: “Hats off to fall!”

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Summer Invitation
by John Gillick

What the white-lined cinder path is to the sprinter,
What the clean white paper is to the printer,
What the dew-filled blossom is to the bee,
That’s what the hammock is to me.

by Sophia Sobin

Little did I know –
Your heart aches don’t show.
Little did I care –
But, Pal, put ‘er there!
Little did I see –
That God made you
Just like me!

by Cynthia Sobsey

Now in the muted snow
A soundless cold
Will clutch into the bone –
Under a ceiling low and gray
I sit like the sky
Awaiting Sun,
For Heaven has
A Golden eye.

In The Library

by Dorothy MacAulay

These books
Are well known friends.
They beckon me to take
Their boundless hospitality
At will.

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A cold Spring:
The fat pussy willows
Go climbing – Marian M. Poe

verse in this issue courtesy NAPA Manuscript Bureau, Lea Palmer, Mgr., Victoria, B. C., Canada.

napa-rays is published by Ray Allen Albert, Blacksburg, Va. 24060.

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