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Dick and Margo Baughman Arrive First

to contribute their initial effort to NAPA San Diego. Dick brought some 30 and 36 point Craw Clarendon to add to the 10, 12, and 18 point we got in the spring. Some day we’ll put it to use.

and Glenn and Sally Engegretsen Make Their 2nd Issue of NAPA San Diego

with paragraphs and type set to commemorate this holiday issue. Glenn seems to enjoy browsing through old copies of amateur papers. That’s why we keep them.

Ed and Lucy Fielding

are on vacation so they missed this issue.

Where are John and Pat Zenz?

And we had this whole press run in red ink set up just for you, John!

Olive Read, Long-time Editor of Yodler, Found Ajay Inspiring

When asked by Gale Sheldon, my first NAPA acquaintance, for a paragraph about our hobby, I was “all at sea!” However, having, as a native of the Prairie, found NAPA even more inspiring than the Ocean, I thought I’d just say:

“A native of the prairies, I have found NAPA even more inspiring than The Prairies or The Ocean near which I now live. It has brought me so many people whom I could enjoy.”

Labor Day Weekend 1972

“Setting type at NAPA San Diego is a nice way to keep off the crowded Calif. freeways. But now that we are here the food and talk become more interesting and what to write takes a back seat.” – Dick Baughman

“To write or not to write, that is my problem. Better my mind be blank than full of thoughts and in no way can I express myself.” – Margo Baughman

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A Country Character’s Comment
A Convenshun in Calaforny?
By Idaho P. Ike

We heerd tel they’s sum noshun uv havin the Nashunal Amachoor Press A-sosh-ee-ayshun Convenshun aroun’ these parts mebbe in two-three yeers. Fer a few uv us imported Calafornniuns thet mite bee the only way possabul ta git to a reel live convenshun. Effen thet’s so, then we oughta look inta it a bit. Dunt think to big a passel uv usns wil git to Florida fer the big un nex yeer. Sides, we got are own summer white House heer, so why go fur to git to a-nuther? Sure, they’s all kinds uv reesons not ta git bothered with a convenshun. (Juss ask the Demmycrats and the Reepubleecans!) But we got sum active printers, good peepul, even sum who do writin neer as good as this heer stuff a mine. So I beleeve we shood give this heer convenshun idee cunsidrable a-tenshun. Mebbe we oughta show them folks back Eest what a reel Calafornny Clambake is like. (Note to Hillbilly Jed: Ain’t got no nachral bridges, but we got surf n smog n sun n fog n all kinds uv unnachral a-trak-shuns. Even Dizzyland.)

(Note to reeders: The “P” is fer “Potater,” stuck in at the gallant sugg-jess-chun uv thet Hillbilly frum Virginny.)

California is Ready When You Are

We of the far but golden west have been noting with interest the exodus of several top drawer ajay personalities from Fun City and therabouts. We can understand the lure of new horizons and a change of pace, but Florida? Isn’t this still the old line establishment with just a sun tan added? If move you must why not go the whole way to a totally different but superbly pleasant way of life?

Eventually, why not now? – G.E.

The Better Halves (?)

Have you noticed that gardening is a universal introduction among those who enjoy it? They may begin as strangers but they converse like old buddies once they discover that mutual interest. Here at Sheldons’, Ruth and Margo and Sally had real fun “talking plants.” Meanwhile, our husbands are setting that dull old type. – S.E.

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Published whenever two or more amateur journalists and printers get together at
The Private Press of Gale Sheldon, El Cajon, California 92020.

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