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Prayer for April: Heavenly Father, all-wise and all-knowing, you see my need before I ask. Please help me to put your kingdom first in my life, and then graciously grant my request in your tender mercy. Amen.

Bible Verse for April: Choose you this day who you will serve… but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. – Joshua 24:15

by Gwen Adler
La Puente, CA

The soft white blanket in no time will go
The proud buck will hear cry of the doe,
The little rabbit father’s a litter
The birds in the trees sing and twitter,
Old mother bear from her long sleep will rise
Seek out a honey comb for her own prize.

Shadows will rest so softly on the green
Rising rivers will flow, cool deep and clean
Nature will move to a summer quite lush,
To prepare for another winter’s hush.

The Fold
by Margaret Secrist
Andover 44003

Somewhere in Carolina’s Outer Banks
We travelers dined before an open window
Facing a June pasture.
Suddenly a line of April lambs
Climbed the green hill
Gamboling single file
Behind their leader,
They jumped for joy
Through the buttercup twilight
Keeping time to a foggy nocturne
But drawn to their unseen fold,
Food forgotten, we sat bemused
Aware of our far-off fold.

by Thomas Emery

When the tree awoke
In the brilliant sunshine
Of an early spring morning
It found a robin resting
On its new leafy boughs.

There was much joy
For the trees, the robin
Were good friends
From the Spring before
And the meeting of old friends
Is always a happy occasion.

The Golden Key

Rehearse anything and everything you know about God. God is wisdom, truth, love, God, he is present everywhere, has infinite power, knows everything.

The rule is to think about God, and if you are thinking about God, and not your difficulties, you can become absorbed in the considerations of the spiritual world that you really forget for a while all about the trouble concerning which you began to pray about and find that you are comfortably out of your difficulties.

by Rev. Parker

God allows us to remember the
Tragic and the good and then
He helps us to put them together
So that they are easily understood.

The Storm
by Gwen Adler

The setting sun in blazing dress
Was leaving earth to dark night’s rest,
When came a rolling thunder cloud
And clothed her in a great black cloud.

Some daring rays of red and gold
Pushed their way through the light to hold,
They lingered there ‘spite thunder’s roar
Then suddenly they were no more.

The lightning flashed, deep darkness came,
The wind screamed loud, clouds dropped their rain.
Quickly the storm passed on its way.
Soft velvet night awaits a new day.

by Flora McKinney Hefti

Right here and now we are in God’s care and God is infinite. We are always spiritual in the image and likeness of our Father-Mother God. The material body changes all the time and is only serving us. We must have lived since the beginning in this reflection of God as well as forever after – What a satisfaction that is. God is, so we are. There is no death in life. We let go of our childhood and ever feel deprived, and so it is in all stages. Letting go of the false concepts is a good thing. Our bodies will be what we believe. I am seeing better ways to live and losing some of the problems. Jesus says Heaven is not a place but within our own consciousness. We do not have to make it but only let go of the false beliefs that seem to cover it.

Take Time

Pause to feel the spring wind
And stop to hear its song,
Smell the new-born flower
While its bloom is sweet and strong,
Take time to know each season,
To watch each new day’s birth,
And you will hold within you
The treasures of this earth.

by Vietta Wines

Wintry winds blowing,
Wrapped tightly the clothing
Escape season’s wrath.

Rules for Good Living
by Vietta Wines

Are you living up to your full potential? Are you a whole person, a balanced triangle made of spirit, mind and body?

Do you know who you are, and what you need to get rid of? Do you know where you are going? Do you discipline yourself and give more time to your goals, and when you relax, relax fully? Are you completely refreshed to do the things you need to do? Do you spread your energy to thin? Are you the very best that you can be? There is always room at the top. You can get there before your time runs out, if you conquer yourself. Never accent the negative.

Make yourself the very best that you can be. Be interested in people. Love people. Encourage people. Help people. Bless people. Never get on the defensive. Success depends on learning how to:

Work on yourself. Work for a purpose. Work for others.
To be worthwhile it takes imagination, intelligence, industry, integrity, initiative…
Two essentials for work attitudes: Joy in doing. Pride in the result.

Again there is always room at the top. The elements which make up a complete unit of anything, thought, feeling and experience, spirit, love and action. Think happy thoughts. An affirmative attitude toward life makes us feel good. A negative attitude has the opposite effect. Consciously turn away thoughts popping up that bring fear, worry and misery, replace them by thoughts of goodness. It takes some effort but you will be amazed how the scenery has changed at the end of a single day.

Wines and Roses

Prepared for UAP Distribution
by: Vietta Bartlam Wines
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

Published by Sue Erwin (UAP)
San Jose, CA 95127

Artwork by Thomas Emery
Poway, CA, UAP Member

(Printed by Offset)

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