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For the Record: A book about to be published with the imposing title, Who’s Nobody in America, promises wide coverage, substantiated by volume of mail addressed vaguely to Resident or Occupant.

Now They Tell Us: According to a Connecticut Doctor, tea with lemon sipped from a polystyrene cup has been known to cause cancer.

Banner Year: Winner of 1979 Double-Speak award for gobbledygook, comments relative to the TMI accident was bestowed by the National Council of Teachers of English.

Progress?: A recent Today’s Chuckle illuminated, thanks to Congress, we have 30 million laws to enforce The Ten Commandments.

Mail Bag: Copies of the John Wayne Golden Edition Commemorative Medal are available for $10.00 plus $.75 postage, through November 30, 1984, with individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity; in quantities for lesser price.

First, The Word: Lyricists are being recognized by PBS, tendered by Song by Song, beamed here at 9 p.m. Mondays, on Channel 12.

Quotables: We are indebted to member Lee Allen Wheeler for the following: Contrary to popular opinion, we’re not going to Hell in a handbasket. No one can agree on a departure date. Sign found in a coal mine: Cleanliness is next to IMPOSSIBLE.

Consumer Response: Three most difficult items to open: boxes of detergent, packaged meats, potato chips and boxed cereals tying with aspirin containers for third place.

Random Thought: It takes something concrete to cement relations.

With Bullets: Such term is industry jargon, signifying a hot selling record is climbing and applied to none other than Pope John Paul II. His album, Pope John Paul II Sings at the Festival of Sacrosong bears the label of INFINITY.

Extension: Those who enjoy the comments of Andy Rooney, at close of program, 60 Minutes will be glad to learn he is writing a column. While read here in The Philadelphia Inquirer, it is hoped it will be syndicated.

Throw Away: A new paper kitchen towel supplies recipes by the roll to use and toss, sold by department stores for $5.00. Recipes are reprints from famous cook books. Logic would suggest making a copy of approved, before consigning to wastebasket; the tab would buy a bounty of the unadorned on the market for less.

Appeal: Latest litter-ature is an Official Petition to Stop Inflation and High Taxes and Wasteful Government Spending to be mailed to President Carter and two Senators, complete with a form for contributions in amount of $10, $15, $25, $50, $100, $250 or Other, with seals supplied by National Tax Limitation Committee to use on correspondence. When it comes to cut-the-costs, consider the amount paid to print and circulate. Why should constituents subsidize pursuit of a goal those in the Plight House are well paid to achieve, financed by High Taxation?


When it comes to resolutions,
How swiftly we expound,
From the current trite and petty
To those much more profound.
If the prospect is drear,
Dust off those fluffed, last year!

Pen Points
Published in the interest of amateur journalism by Mary L. Wantner, Phila., PA 19144.

Vogue Press
Concord, CA 94519
offset printing

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