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Ajays in Service

It’s a bit damp, what with all the monsoons, but it isn’t dull out in India any more. Why? ‘Cause our old pal Pvt. Elmer H. Gabaree, Jr. is out there now! If you wanna zip Gabby a line, the address is yours for a postcard request.

Last February 24th he received his commission and now Ensign Walter P. Crews is commanding officer of an LCT. He and his craft were taken aboard an LST to North Africa. His address is in our file, too. Why not ask for it, drop him a line?

Our old buddy, Corp. William Gallo has partially accomplished his aim of being a sports writer. His byline appeared in The Sunsetter, publication of the 4th Marines. In between batting out columns Bill’s kept pretty busy. He was in the invasion of the Marshall Islands and is now on Saipan. He would be mighty pleased to hear from fellow ajays!

Last I heard from Corp. Michael Phelan was when he visited the Texas gang – Johnnie Vaglienti and Louis Woods – at San Jacinto. Mike is with a Marine Aviation Detachment.

New Members

One of our newest ajays could just as well be listed in the adjoining column, PhM 2/C Robert L. Stanton. Robert is a Miamian who joined the Navy two years ago last February and has been overseas 15 months. He was the subject of a story in the Miami Herald in June when he sent home a captured Jap flag from Tarawa. He was cited for outstanding service there, when he stayed behind with a wounded buddy who would otherwise have bled to death and effected his rescue after 24 hours under enemy fire on the beachhead.

A new member in the American, but not new to ajay is Haig Anlian. He is Union City, N. J., editor-in-chief of the United Opinion, and a liberal leader of the UAPA. Haig is tall, dark, speaks with a deep, forceful voice. You’ll like him!

Write ‘Em All!

The unpretentious Welcome Mat is published to help the American Amateur Press Association develop its new and less-active members, and keep in contact with AAPAans now in the Armed Forces, by…

William F. Haywood, Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Write to me for addresses of our members in service – and let me know what you hear from them, so future issues will be newsy.

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