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SOME OF THAT STUFF HAS GOTTA GO! That’s what She said. And she’s right. Here in a 6-room split-level there just isn’t room for all the crud that was squirreled away in that big old Great Neck 12-room “barn.” Printshop not excepted. So here’s a Bargain List. And while we scrounge for storage space, pick out some welcome additions for your shop.

For those Christmas gifts which you plan to print and give – try this beautiful smooth all-rag monarch stationery. It’s a real buy! In units of 100 sheets and 100 envelopes it could easily sell, printed, for $2 to $3. A giveaway at $4 for 500 envelopes & 500 sheets. There’s also some extra paper cut 7×10 for AJ papers available at $1.25 per ream in lots of 3 reams. This substantial heavy-bodied paper handfeeds like a dream, and the square-flap matching envelopes are also a cinch to print.

24 pt. font of Garamond with lower case & figures, used to new: $4

14 Latin Antique – New! 8A18a font of this type anyone can read $4.50

This 12 point Civilize which is practically unused will go for a mere $3.50 for the font. Much Less than Original Foundry Price. Includes special characters no longer available. Fine for Stationery or Names on Cards.

1923 ATF Type Catalog – Cover’s loose from use, but contains the complete showing of all American Type Foundry types of that date. 1148 pages with elaborate color display make this unsurpassed bible of type initials, ornaments, and borders, well worth $12.

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TINT BLOCKS – Two lots of assorted sizes – solid & screened: zinc, copper, or electros. You can’t lose at … 6 for $1.

These 14 Decorative Cuts only $2.50

Folio Spot Numerals, with fist… lot: $1

48 pt. Bernhard Gothic Medium – is yours for $9.00

By Way of Excuse, 1957

If this issue of Weaker Moments looks experimental, it is. It’s a year since all this junk was hauled in, stationwagon-load by load, 14 of them, total tonnage unknown. Us new home-owners have been so busy: Painting, Finishing, Settling, Clearing Brush & Trees as well as nursing grass & raking leaves, screening dirt and planting flowers, building a patio, ditching paths & flower beds, that we haven’t even found time to print any stationery, let alone an amateur paper.

THERE ARE nearly a score of type fonts unopened since Nancy and I bought them some two years ago, two dozen empty cases waiting to be filled, other dogs to be sorted & disposed of, & the usual chaotic disorder from moving to be dis-disordered. As well as columns of composition still standing from that September 1954 National Amateur.

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Ralph Babcock, Gillette, N. J.

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