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Ajays in Service

Mike Phelan is now located at Awase airfield on Okinawa. It is difficult to find time to write, he says, because they have no light in their tents. His address:

S/Sgt. Michael Phelan, 861641
Marine Service Squadron
San Francisco, California

Sid Cohen reports: “I’ve no doubt I’ll be back in Jersey before Christmas. My third wedding anniversary will be on the 28th of November, and my wife and daughter, as well as myself, expect to see me in civilian clothes by that time. Yes, I’ve the necessary points.” Address:

Sidney Cohen
Jersey City, New Jersey

Kenneth Henschen is now in India, where he is serving with the Merchant Marine. “We’ll probably be hanging around this section of the earth quite a while.” Ken says. “When Gabby talks of mystic India he isn’t kidding,” he seconds. “I never saw so many queer things any place as I have in India. For a writer like Gabby, stationed here, plenty of material can be had for interesting articles.” The editor wrote to Ken, but his letter was returned, so Ken may be headed home now.

Cpl. Bill Gallo went from Saipan to Iwo, where he reports things have quieted down somewhat. He had some close calls, but is still in one piece. His job was mine and bomb disposal, and some blasting. He has been kept quite busy at disposing of Jap mines. Latest word is: He is on the way home to be a civilian.

Gordon Rouze is another ajay turned into a Marine. He is in training now, and he gets mail at the following address:

Pvt. Gordon Rouze
San Diego, California

Walt Crews is still traveling. Since we last heard of him in North Africa, he’s gone to southern France (where he was on D-Day), back to the States, and out to the Pacific. He is now a lieutenant, to be reached at the following address:

Lt. (J. G.) Walter P. Crews
San Francisco, California

New Members

Wilfred Mis, Chicopee Falls, Mass., is assistant editor for the Polish-American Youth Federation.

Ned Hubbell, Jr., Port Huron, Mich., is 17 – was draft bait the 9th of last June – and a senior in high school. He is 6’ tall, has brown hair, wears glasses and size 11 shoes. In the Scouts five years, he holds the Eagle rank with two palms. He works at a clothing store after school and spends the rest of his time corresponding with a dozen or more people. (Thanx to Les Boyer for this thumbnail biography!)

Ajays in Service

We give you below our version of the scene described in the following quotation from the AOATSC Processor of October 29, 1945:

Lemonade and a toothache started the latest WAC romance to culminate 4 PM Sunday in a wedding by Capt. Loster Lilos in the Post Chapel. For Rosella Glickman had a toothache that sent her into the Colorado Springs USO, and there was Charles Les Riddle 2c, USN, to offer a remedial lemonade.

The maid-of-honor, Miss Molly Mayo of Brooklyn, New York, school chum of the bride, wore a fuchsia evening dress.

Her half-brother, Mr. Milton Abramowitz, of Brooklyn, gave the bride away. S/Sgt. Robert Bassnor, 4108 K, offered his services as best man.

A reception at 5 PM in the WAC Day Room followed the wedding ceremony.

Lt. Wehking was witness when the pair took out the license Saturday. At Friday evening mess, the bride-to-be presided over a huge cake made by WAC bakers Pfc. Helen Adamski and Pfc. Mary Grimes.

The groom has re-enlisted in the regular Navy and the new Mrs. Riddle will join him at his home port, Camp Shoemaker near San Francisco, Cal., upon approval of her application for discharge. The pair are now on a 3-week honeymoon.

Be it further recorded, ajays, that among the guests was Mrs. Helen Wesson. Your editor and his wife were also invited but were, unfortunately, unable to attend.

We present here a rush “communique” from Cpl. Gabby Gabaree. It is dated September 25, and reached us recently.

“Spread the glad tidings! Gabby is homeward bound. Will leave shortly to be Stateside by November. Details later – perhaps in person.”

Joseph W. Curran, Rm3/c is now at the US Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Illinois. He is collecting (and using for trading) U.S. commemorative stamps, and will appreciate all you can send him. He is back in hospital because, just outside of Manila, while attached to the Office of Naval Intelligence, he was with an advanced unit and a mortar shell went off right behind him and he got some of it in his side. They fixed him up but some of it started moving around about a month ago causing some pain so they sent him up to Great Lakes to have it removed. Joe is looking for a printer so he can resume his ajay publishing.

Lt. Sheldon C. Wesson is now located in Okegawa, Japan – probably looking for a Japanese printshop. He can be addressed as follows:

Lt. Sheldon C. Wesson
HQ, 3 Bn., 386th Infantry
San Francisco, California

The editor and his wife were paid a visit by Bob Smith on the 12th of the month. He will be Ensign Robert L. Smith, Jr., on the 19th. He got his BS in electrical engineering at Cornell at government expense – but expects to give Uncle Sam a considerable slice of his time when he gets his orders. Bob turned out another Sour Notes on his press while home – and you should write to him at his home address.

Welcome Mat has an offer to make to all ajay paper collectors. Make a list of papers you need to complete your file, and a list of those of which you have dupes. Send both lists to me, and I’ll try to fill your needs. I have a large number of extra copies, all filed alphabetically for ready reference, and will be glad to trade. If you have papers you don’t want, I’ll take them.

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The unpretentious Welcome Mat published to help the American Amateur Press Association develop its new and less active members, and keep in contact with AAPAans now in the Armed Forces, by…

William F. Haywood
Fair Lawn, New Jersey

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