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Duerr admits amendment number 3 was aimed squarely at an executive judge who refused to allow any more than $75 an issue for The National Amateur.

GIVE ME the tea-sippers any time, declares retiring prexy. But Duerr-Eichin & Co. miss the entire point with their entirely-unnecessary amendment. NAPA’s basic trouble is with the Sesta-Wma. school of thought: Let’s pin a lovely medal on that delightful Dear, Lemuel Podsnitt, by awarding him an Executive Judge degree.

So the distaff letter writers purl up a passel o’ proxies and Hon. Podsnitt is packed into office with a rousing Neilsen-Trendex-Hooper count of 43 – positive poll-proof of his popularity! Not being overly familiar with NAPA custom & procedure, all he can Judge is a limited literal reading of our constitution. So hollowly he echoes, “Sez $75 an issue, so dammit! Make $75 do.” Regardless of the fact that all sensible administrations in recent years have authorized additional funds for the official organ depending upon current dues income.

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ACKNOWLEDGING the recent bush-beating, one old member queries: “I can’t help but wonder what has happened? Duerr’s ticket is the only one that mentions Duerr to head the Judges. Bluntly stated, I’m not so much ranting against ED as campaigning for a friendly trio of knowledgable and experienced Executive Judges who will make Heljeson’s presidential term an easy one of many publications rather than a year of objecting time-killing letters & continued legalistic obstructions.

Nominated for such an efficient, team-like, tested Board of Executive Judges are: Helm Spink, one of our coolest, most respected AJ’s – frequent convention advisor, three-term official editor, active since 1925; professional typographer. Elaine Peck, proofreader by vocation, former official editor & president, Denver club organizer, girl printer in her father’s professional Salt Lake City printshop; active since 1935. Harold Segal, editorial laureate, official editor in 1932 and retiring NAPA prexy at time of last Chicago convention in ‘34, and now professional composing room foreman.

It is now being June 30th with no June ‘58 National Amateur yet received in these parts, we urge NAPA conventioneers to elect an official editor who can get our official organ out on time. Presidential candidate Heljeson, completing the superb volume he produced in 1953-54, had his final issue in the mail before June 1st! To get the official organ out promptly we urge the election of Alf Babcock. Contrary to the Keffer-Grady mis-statements, Alf’s Cat Babcock IS running and IS a real candidate for NAPA Official Editor this year.

FOR NAPA’s SAKE, pull up the reins with an all-NO vote and choke off this steamroller frenzy so we can at least take time for a second look at the jokers and the half-worthy legislation that have been hurriedly tossed in the proposed amendment pot. NO, NO, Nora; not now! Bro. Duerr as usual is as mistaken as his Amendment 3 in the postcard assertion that I was a 9 year old knee-panted wonder when elected NAPA prexy at Chicago in ‘34. He’s only 10 years shy – probably about par for his figuring. Contrary to his equally rash statement that I have “been too, too busy to read the amendments… so he’s agin’ ‘em” I believe WM’s 87, 88, 90, & 91 bear proof that I’ve read proposal 3 better than he has.

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Weaker Moments

Tossed off spasmodically by an ex-Tank Destroyer who enjoys occasional target practice for the National’s defense and to maintain his sharpshooter-marksman qualifications with pistol, rifle, tommygun (and leaden slivers). This issue, 190 copies, on sub. 70 Tinconderoga natural, printed in Arab Brown on a 10×15 C&P, is set in the fine Italian typeface of Alessandro Butti (cast by Societa Nebiola, Torino) known as Athenaeum Tondo Chiaro (with Tondo Nero) corpo 10, imported on special order thru Amsterdam Continental Types, New York. Not responsible for casualties on the firing range. Report any misfires to Ralph Babcock, Gillette, N. J.

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