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New Members

From Shaker Heights, Ohio, AAPA secures another mimeor. He is George A. Gothberg, Jr., who is sixteen years old and “a nut on journalism.” George has been a publisher before, but his mimeo paper, A-Jaydom, will be his first in organized ajay.

Another new member should turn up in our Armed Forces column, but we’ll put him in this pillar first. Meet L. Harold D. Steward, Public Relations Officer at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Harold edits the Blue Helmet at the fort, almost single-handed. Rated one of the best “soldier papers” in the country, it has a circulation of 20,000 subscribers. Trained on the high school paper at El Paso, weeklies at Loveland and Fort Collins, Colo., and Denver dailies, he is a died-in-the-wool newspaperman. Staging radio shows for soldiers is another part of his job, but he wants to write for AAPA publications and to correspond with members interested in news writing.

The Boys in Service

Pvt. Merton M. Hiatt releases the following communique: Ellensburg, Washington – We have been kept very busy here. At the present time I am trying to develop some darkroom technique and I moan the kind in which photographic work is done.

Our Treasurer is now Charles Lee Riddle, Y3/C, but even if he is serving in the navy, our funds remain in safe hands, for Chick expects to continue doing his part for AAPA, too! Showing the real ajay spirit, here are his words: “I am company clerk, have plenty of time to work in the capacity of Treasurer. I intend to show how an officer of the Association can serve both his country and the Association at the same time. The AAPA needs the help of all, and this is my chance to show how it can be done!” The Fort Smith Ajayer will continue its appearance, but in print. The assistance Chick gets will come from his new co-editor, Lois Woods, of Fort Smith.

Another ajay moves up! Address him now as S/Sgt. Joseph Simon, Jr. Congratulations on those chevrons, Joe!

Seaman 2/C is the rank of our old friend Joseph W. Curran. He has been selected to go to the radio service school, from which he will emerge a 3/C Petty Officer. Joe will try to publish a paper between classes if he can.

Pvt. Walter O. Strombach tells us that most of the boys with him overseas are from New York and New Jersey! “Many are from NY’s East Side, so you can imagine the fun around here,” says Walt. We can imagine!

The unpretentious Welcome Mat is published to help the American Amateur Press Association develop its new and less-active members, and keep in contact with AAPAns now in the Armed forces, by…

William Haywood, New York

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