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IN TRUE Grover Whalen style New York’s welcoming committee for visiting firemen and unextinguishable a.j.’s last night ganged to the festive board of King Edward Hotel to greet Sgt. Ralph Babcock furloughing (sans wifie) here from Fort Lewis, Wash. Committee: Vondy McDonald, Scwewball Wesson, the Haggerty’s, and Burton “Capt. Lingo” Crane.

Awarded A.J.’s Extinguished Cross for his recent tangle with the Army censor, the undaunted Babcockerel issued the following unapproved statement: “I’ve a notion there’ll be a new Christmas issue out about next June.”

Told that Hadley Smith was franticly demanding a copy of censored SC 17, RB replied: “So sorry, chum. The dozen copies which escaped before the Army Bureau of Public Relations forbade publication of the issue I’ve had to request be destroyed or interned for the duration. Including a copy in the bound files of the Library would mean publishing it. The issue will not be distributed or published until after the war is over.”

Time To Close Up Shop

WAR has brought havoc to Europe and Asia and many changes in American ways of living. My infinite absence in the Army and parental plans pending make it necessary to commence liquidation of the hoard of metal assets comprising The Scarlet Cockerel Press. Nothing less would cause me to abandon the equipment with which I have spent so many happy and profitable hours. As any APC member will assure you all of the type is in first class condition; much of it has been used only once, for less than 500 impressions. Any amateurs who can put this printing material to work are welcome to it at these giveaway prices:

One 8×12 C&P press with foot-treadle, 2 sets of rollers, 3 chases (1 is a skeleton chase taking 9×13 form). $75

50 lbs. 12 pt. Deepdene with Italic & Small Caps $7.00
30 lbs. 12 pt. ATF Nicholas Cochin (used once!) $10.00
Job fonts of 8 pt. and 12 pt. Nicholas Cochin Italic, and 14 pt. Nicholas Cochin caps (new!) each $1.50
10 pt. and 12 pt. fonts of Kelsey Card Text, both $1.00
10 pt. Cushing 25A 50a $1.00
100 lbs. 10 pt. Baskerville with Italic and lots of Small Caps (the type this is set in) only $15.00
60 lbs. 9 pt. Baskerville with Italic and Small Caps cast on 10 pt. body (used only once) $8.50

tone deaf or color blind. As modern Apostles of Gloom, he mentions Hardy and Housman. What about them? Hardy, the Leopardi of his generation, adopted a phrase from the Corinthians for his

Job fonts (30A6oa) of 8 and 12 pt. Baskerville and 8 and 12 pt. Baskerville Italic each font, $1.50
14 pt. Baskerville Italic 20A40a (never inked!) $2.50
12 and 18 pt. Grecco, 9 lb. fonts each $3.00

Some of these items may be had complete with typecase (almost all cases were bought new and are still in fine condition) spaces and quads for only $1.00 more. There are also hundreds of pounds of leads and slugs at 5¢ lb.

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Weaker Moments: delivered with no respect for rights (or lefts – and no punches pulled) mainly to unburden the soul of Ralph Babcock between dawn-cracking calls of The Scarlet Cockerel which, as you know, is issued spasmodically – better, late, ‘n never! This is the ninth Weakest Moment.

Time to Close Up Shop!
At the sign of The Scarlet Cockerel and leaden slivers

Great Neck
N. Y.

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