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HAVE HEARD my Father tell of the old Clock Tinker that used to make his rounds on foot, back when Dad was a boy.

He would stay an hour after the clock was fixed, for he explained, “All the wheels in a clock turn around in one hour.”

Another favorite remark of his was, “Soon it will be Winter and there will be snow all around on the ground.”

If anyone in the neighborhood happened to be sick, he always said, “A fellow don’t feel as good when he is sick as he does when he is well.”

The Browns are getting a divorce
I know it for a fac
He took a bath the other nite
She wouldn’t scrub his bak.
Intaglio Moans

“What an absurd thing it is to overlook all the valuable parts of a man, and fix our attention on his infirmities.” – Addison.

At last No. 12 is being printed. Four times I’ve changed the month. Too cold to print, but not too cold to make some changes in print shop. Tore out a partition which gives more space and gets the press back against the wall instead of in center of room. Built extra shelves so the cigar boxes are only two deep now.

“Stop worrying – You’ll never get out of this world alive.”

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Don’t Cut Me In
by Bob Downer

The phrase, “I’m indebted to Jonathan Snelp
“For facts in this book,” mean substantially,
The author is grateful for all of the help
But he doesn’t intend it financially.
– Courtesy Manuscript Bureau

What This Country Needs

Wanted somebody to inventure a small clock, with hands for telling time. Small enough to be carried in the pocket from place to place, so a body would know what time it is when the sun is not shining. – Einstein Jones

A La Mode

My wife made a pie, why, O, why,
Now my hatchet is broke, so am I!
O’ Freema

When writing our advertisers, say you saw it in Something.

by Remelda N. Gibson

She has heroines courage to meet
The problems of life and the grace to greet
The beauties that God has kindly endowed,
With equal rights to the meek and the proud.

Leslie, aged almost five, had a paper bag over his head and ran into the door jamb. He began to cry, “I guess I cracked it open for the juice is running out.”

Quick, Watson, The Scissors

She sewed a new hem on her skirt
But it didn’t match with the rest.
She thought she looked fashion-plate-pert,
But she really looked much over dressed.
O’ Freema

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