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THIS is the closest to a Scarlet Cockerel possible on such short notice. Mebbe if we loan “it” a uniform, and don’t chase off again right away… mebbe it’ll develop into something.

Can Do”

THERE ARE ONLY three things in this world which cannot be accomplished if we really try. All other things are merely difficult, like teaching turtles to fly, as Elbert Hubbard once said. The three impossible things are: pushing the toothpaste back into the tube, scratching a match on a bar of soap, and going through a revolving door with a pair of skis under your arm. – WT

OUR MAIL ORDERLY dumped the package on my cot, crumbs spraying from its worn corners. “To PFC Ralph Babcock, Service Co., 174th Infantry, Fort Bragg, N. C.” The name was plain enough, but that address – what a mix-up! Postal Information had substituted my training address at Bragg. From there it had chased me to Ft. Dix, N. J., and then to Ft. Lewis, Wash. When I got ‘em the cookies were 30% dust. But who…? The package bore a Buffalo return address, but no name. Puzzling, for I knew no one in Buffalo – and had never been a Private First Class. Well – the cookies were good, anyhow…. Weeks later a 174th Infantryman cleared up the mystery: Yes, there was a chap named Ralph Babcock in his regiment – truck driver, a National Guardsman from Buffalo! And the 174th had received mail at Bragg during the Carolina maneuvers last fall! It won’t happen again, but I wouldn’t mind.

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Produced in Seattle at the Gommix Press of Bill Thorniley (who, as Advertising Manager of Puget Sound Navigation Co., recognizes the seriousness of printer’s ink-&-type fever – “horrible thing like leprosy, cholera and bubonic plague” – and was pleased to aid a fellow sufferer) Weaker Moments is strictly a Defense Project, enjoying A-1 priorities thru its importance to the morale of Sgt. Ralph Babcock, Tacoma.

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