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by Fran Stockman

A ideation of some esthetic mountain top, high above a valley green below. Not immured by high walls, but free, to feel the peace of that euphoria in ambient air. The quintessence of a purity that sets the spirit free.

There the ailanthus thrives, true tree of heaven, symbol of knowledge and immortality. Such wisdom in each leaf. Just touching them, they sensitize an unknown force and you hear and know in a moment what on earth it takes years to learn. Here the immortal Phoenix nests. Its amber eyes shine as a million suns, yet one can gaze into them and feel the coolness of the waters of a deep well. Here the mountain lion and the deer come to rest. Like a dream so it seemed, yet was it? A mirage? Or, an allusion of true reality? How did the invisible become visible in a dream. Where did spirit go, how, why?

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La Mancha
by Marcia Sobie

There is something cynical about a windmill,
Standing in unchangeable stolidness,
Flailing its arms in the least breeze,
As though there were nothing to be done.

Better to be a tilter of windmills.
A believer in the possibility of perfection,
Human or otherwise, never really loses.
In the end, the windmills crumble,
And Quixote is remembered and loved.

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by Max S. Barker

Down from rocky peak
run to miss the flashing streak –
many kinds of feet.

Empty mountain night
soon it’s full of light and sound
coyotes and the moon.

Barely visible
Some hairs between two ears:
Curious chipmunk.

Don’t Fall Asleep
by El Gilbert

Night has many day dreams
the halls.

There is
much evidence.
them walk
through the

Avowed Decree
by Shirley Peak Hardin

Each soul a keeper of concern
To make a lifestyle bright,
Will stand or crumble, feint or are
Across its own sequestered time.

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350 copies run on a 7 x 11 Kelsey Star by Charles Pasternack, Baldwin, New York 11510.

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