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“Freedom is a light for which many men have died in darkness.” – Richard Powell

The Bigot’s Creed
by William W. Ellis

You must believe what I believe
If your belief is right;
For all that differs from my faith
Is heresy, and quite
Obnoxious to the God I serve.
For He will not condone
A creed that does not emanate
From His most sacred throne.

It does not matter what you think
About theology.
I am criterion of the truth,
And you must learn from me;
Or God in righteous ire will cast
Your worthless soul in Hell…
He cannot bear with obstinance,
So heed the word I tell.

If aught in Scripture is obscure,
As arbiter I say
Just how it must be understood,
And designate the way
God’s single mind intended it
With all sincerity…
You dare not question holy things
With incredulity!

You must believe what I believe
Or your belief is wrong;
Put confidence in what I teach,
And to my sect belong;
For I have unction from on high
To formulate for man
The only form of doctrine
In agreement with God’s plan!

Remember: when you are being kicked from the rear, it is rather evident that you are out in front!

If you can manage to keep both feet on the ground, you have not fear of getting one in your mouth!

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by William W. Ellis

Pray, why be foolish! I will grant
That there are women who enchant
My dormant senses with their charm
And buxomness! What is the harm?

Confer with logic! I agree
That very often I may see
A home with plannings I admire –
Details of pattern to desire.

Analogistic, I admit
That I may scrutinize the fit
Of someone’s garment – wishing mine
Displayed perfection of design.

Confessing further, I disclose
An admiration for the rows
Of modern autos that I see –
Astounded by their luxury.

Completely candid, I confide
The lure of these! Now you decide
If that is evidence I lust
To own them all! Be fair and just!

I could not use a million suits,
Or cars, or mansions: wisdom hoots
The supposition I, alone,
A buxom bevy crave to own!

“Happiness is the by-product of an effort to make some one else happy!” – Gretta Palmer.

You are never well-dressed without a smile.

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Low Aim
by William W. Ellis

A task unfinished is a shame;
Though not as bad as one
That “doers” lacked the spunk to try…
A labor unbegun!

My Will to You
by Martha M. Clark

I will to you: the joy my heart has known…
The April song of purple violets,
Gay valentines; when youthful days are flown,
Remembering brings faith, and no regrets.

I will to you: the sunshine of today;
The bounty of tomorrow, sweet and clean –
Like orange-blossom fragrance from Cathay –
To give your heart a lift, a mystic scene.

I will to you: all treasure of the years;
The words and songs, the loveliness of being…
The bliss, the pain, the gratitude for tears,
That none shall live unfaithful and unseeing.

Grasp the Good – of Now
by Mabel S. Long

One more day…
Closer to the “goal of life!”
We live complacently…
Enjoying natural attributes…
Is there purpose to our lives…
Time evolves quite slowly…
Yet… how quickly pass the years!
Reach out your hand…
Grasp the GOOD… of NOW…

Because we are
One more day
Closer to the Goal of Life.

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William and Easter Ellis, Editors
Findlay, Ohio, U.S.A.

Litho in U.S.A. No. 6826L
Copyright 1968 Augsburg Publishing House

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