Only on Sunday - Number 11, September 1974 - Page 1
Page 1

First Things First
by Fred Liddle

GENIAL HOST Leland Hawes allowed as how it might be a good idea if we SAPS produced a four page issue of Only on Sunday for our meeting today. Two page issues are all right but in truth are only half as good as four pagers. I mean that’s simple arithmetic. The trouble is I need two hands to set type… and that doesn’t leave my beer can holding hand free to grab the brew provided by old Leland. I solved the problem by setting these lines at home before driving over to the Hawes plantation. While the rest of the slaves are working, I can concentrate on beer drinking.

About one more line should fill this page.

Page 2 and 3
Page 2 and 3

“How anyone can spend a single day of life without seeing the beauty which surrounds us, is beyond me. It’s yours for the asking!” – Lisa “Teliche” Rodriguez

Fast & furious the words appear
Fred Liddle prints like he drinks beer.

Mary & Picot Floyd,
The Permanent Press

“Two things occurred to me on my way to the Ajay gathering today: Was the meeting at the Wessons’ a dream or am I really back in the hobby? And if I’m back in, how productive will I be? Well, we may have the answers by the Christmas mailing.” – Bill Jackson.

“This crowd cooks as well as it prints. With 23 present, there was a gross weight gain of 37½ pounds.” – Elizabeth Butt

Page 4
Page 4

First arrivals for this meeting – actually a full week early – were Roy Lindberg and John Larsen of New York, who visited the Wessons in Sarasota and Lee Hawes in Tampa. Those who turned up today were:

New AAPA members, proprietors of the Permanent Press, Mary, Picot and Keating Floyd of Clearwater; Lisa Rodriguez, June Prance, Betty & Fred Liddle; Louise, Jack & Bill Bond; Helen and Sheldon Wesson, Billie and Howard Stamper, Maxine and Charles Daniel, Agnes and Edwin Randle, Elizabeth and Clyde Butt, Shari and Bill Jackson, and host Lee Hawes.

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