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I am sitting on top of a six foot ladder, nearly thirty feet above the green surface of the earth! An aerialist? No – I’m taking time off from trying to seal the skylight (means “with” in medical symbolism) MORTITE – because the cold air was swooshing in around the edges – ours is a three story house! The 24-foot outdoor ladder reaches to the gutter above the second story windows. I’m up on the third floor, thinking the viewpoint would be something else again from up here. It is! The top step says “DANGER… Do not stand or sit here!”

Below the skylight is an opening in the thin brown board ceiling about 18” x 24”, with a sliding cover operated by rope (clothes line). My sitting on the top step of the ladder elevates me through the opening so that my head almost touches the skylight. When I extend my arm horizontally, I can almost touch the chimney – which rises about 32 feet above the green surface of the earth! The TV antenna extends about two feet above the chimney! What a cozy place for birds to huddle for warmth – until this winter – we have just had a glass-door covering put over the face of the fireplace!

Finally, up from the ground, like Jack’s bean stalk, grew a Wisteria vine – a thing of beauty when it blooms in the Spring! It has covered the antenna. Where now? Will it reach for a star?

I have descended the 32 steps to the first floor (which includes the ladder). Incidentally, the first floor is two and a half to three feet above the green surface of the earth, and thus adds three more steps before one reaches the good green earth! Hello There from down here!

Let’s ‘cheer’ and be joyful! A total of 34 renewals are reported this month and last, and eight new members are sponsored! Welcome! Thank you, friends! Alas, we have some resignations so we must continue the good work!

Thanks a Million for your booster gifts to the Treasury! Your every dollar is worth a mint, as is our Secretary-Treasurer, Velma Lamoreaux, who applied herself with unusual dedication. With your continuing and thoughtful generous booster gifts, it is possible that we can keep our balance over $300 to avoid that assessment by the bank!

Thanks a Million for the Convention Pictures, John Brann! It was a real “struggle” and he’s not sure he’ll “ever be the same” – please ‘recover’, John – I promise not to do it again!

Congratulations to the First Quarter winners in all categories – as published in The United Amateur! It’s a step towards a possible Laureate!

Thank You, Judges! And Thank You Bessie and John for The United Amateur – it’s an outstanding publication!

Felicitations to Shari Seibert on her engagement, and to Delores Evers who is now Mrs. Dan Epps!

Warmly, Eleanor

Hello There!
December 1979 (offset)
by and for UAP to you from me your President – Eleanor Crum

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