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Retreads Dominate New Board

Warmed-over (or highly experienced) previous holders of the same offices won out for Prexy, V-P, Off. Editor, Sec’y.-Treas., and 2 of the 3 Judges elected today.

Election Summary

President: VAMoitoret elected on second ballot with 40 votes, SCWesson 13.
Vice-President: Dorothy Schneider elected on fourth ballot after proxies were discarded.
Secretary-Treasurer: Stan Oliner elected on third ballot with 29 votes to Lea Palmer’s 26.
Official Editor: Kermit Schuman re-elected with 29 votes.
Recorder: Peter Schaub elected.
Exec. Judges: John Gillick (chairman) and Milton Grady elected. On second ballot Rolfe Castleman was elected.
Convention City: Salt Lake City with 68 of 72 votes.

Amendment No. 1 adopted 62 to 3.
Five suggested amendments were discussed by the convention and all voted down as undesirable.

Definition of Amateur Paper Has Plagued Constitutionalists
Copy and composition for these two pages of the 1966 convention paper by Joseph F. Bradburn at La Plata, Md.

It would seem that the question of just what constitutes an amateur paper in the eyes of our members is largely one of interpretation. Since the association underwent its great revival in the early Thirties, the definition of an amateur paper in our Constitution has been fairly constant. The NAPA Constitution, as published in February, 1932, says:

The status of an amateur paper or magazine for voting credential shall be a publication of four or more pages, published in the interest of amateur journalism, circulated among at least one hundred members of the NAPA or kindred associations, and published without intention of financial profit… No single or double page printed, mimeographed or typewritten sheet or postal card shall be deemed an amateur paper to qualify as a voting credential for its editor, publisher or contributors, unless two or more distinct issues during the year, combined, give it the equivalent of a four or more page publication.

New Constitution, adopted July, 1943:

To qualify an applicant for membership or an active member for voting, an amateur paper shall consist of a minimum of four printed pages, 5×7, or the equivalent, or, if the paper is other than printed, it must contain a minimum of eight hundred words.

New Constitution, adopted July, 1945:

Amateur paper – A paper, printed or duplicated, issued by a member of this association without intent of financial profit and circulated among at least one hundred members.

In 1954 the 79th Convention adopted a resolution: that the mailing bureau discontinue sending personal greetings, Christmas cards, unsigned propaganda, political or other, and that patrons of the bureau must include their name and address on all papers.

In 1956 the 81st Convention accepted the report of the Executive Judges that Printer’s Letter, issued by Samuel Tatnall, announcing sale of his Tatnall Press, was held to violate Constitutional definition of papers which may be circulated in the bundle.

In 1957 the 82nd Convention accepted the report of the Executive Judges that there was no intention to ban minor advertising as in The Polystich, and that paper was mailed in the bundle.

New Constitution, adopted July, 1965:

Amateur paper – A titled and dated and-or numbered paper, printed or otherwise duplicated, edited or published by one or more identified members of this association in furtherance of the literary, typographic and design arts and the education and advancement of the members therein and without intent of financial profit.

Material published in The National Amateur or The Fossil may be entered for laureate contests in the departments of Poetry, Miscellaneous Prose, Art, Fiction, and History of Amateur Journalism, if written by a member and not previously published elsewhere. These official organs may not be entered in the laureate contests for Editing and Printing.

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Flurry of Words and Deeds

None of four proposed amendments survived double jeopardy of submission to the new Amendment Committee, and to manhandling by the attendees. We feel this procedure proved its worth and saved reams of paper which might have been expended in fruitless discussion.

A promise of 20 years reliable office holding (promise or threat?) developed from today’s voting when Wesson referred to Moitoret’s vow to oppose Wes in whatever candidacy. “For the next 20 years, if I live that long, I promise to run for some office to give Vic the pleasure of beating me,” Wes announced. He declined comment on how his withdrawal affected his AAPA candidacy.

And Still They Come

Arriving at the convention Saturday were Sheldon P. Wesson, New Jersey; Terry Murphy, Michigan; Kathy Schneider, D.C.; Elmer and Margaret Schaub, New Jersey; Marie Marazzi, New York; Guy Pendleton, Maryland. Inadvertently missed from Friday’s arrivals listed yesterday: Sam Smith, D. C.

Wild Blue Yo(n)der Flies to Convention

Poorer Richard is just that after investing in a two-seater “Ercoupe” recently. A licensed pilot, Dick is now expected to fly to all future ajay gatherings providing an airstrip is nearby. He now flies, drives, and prints – the quiet Superdick!

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