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Shandygaff to the Rescue

A CERTAIN BOISTEROUS AJAY FROM Northern New Jersey has been abusing me lately over remarks I made about his dog. Just because I wasn’t able to come to a working agreement with his vicious mongrel, this fellow began calling me “dogmeat.”

When this noisy chap accosted me at Segal’s New Year’s Eve bash waving a copy of the latest National Calamity, I shuddered.

“Look at this,” he roared, “You made comments about Trainer’s dog too. There must be something wrong with you and the dogs sense it.”

Just then, Shandygaff – tail wagging briskly – scampered into the room, leaped up on my lap, and calmly went to sleep.

The defense rested.

Monaco Chappel Sabotaged

Monte-Carlo, Monaco (Exclusive) – Plans for boosting Monegasque membership in the APC, NAPA, APA, etc., fell through recently. Careful research disclosed that printers in Monaco use French type which is slightly higher than the cast in either the U.K. or the U.S.A.

It becomes immediately obvious that if they came to a “bring-your-own-paragraph-already-set” party to produce a cooperative publication, only their paragraphs would print, the press rollers failing to ink the lower American type. Whether DeGaulle planned it this way all along is not yet known. – VAM

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Ajays Need Serifs

In his Galley West 5, editor Engegretsen wonders “why the Handbook of another a.j. group states flatly ‘The use of sans serif types is not recommended.’ ”

To set the record straight, the other a.j. group is the American and I’m the guy who wrote and printed the Handbook.

The Handbook is issued to new AAPA members, and this quote – taken out of context – is from a paragraph on choosing a body type. Most of us amateur printers have enough problems trying to do a decent job with a standard Roman face and are not aware of the little niceties required when using sans serif.

Although he spends an inordinate amount of time worrying about who approves or who doesn’t approve of its use, Glenn is a pro and does a beautiful job with the face.

I wonder if he uses it to imprint Christmas cards…

My Next Opponent Is…

Jake Warner who took me apart in the December National Amateur.

Now Jake, if you really read my article (“The Ideal Amateur Journal,” The Rhatt Race 12) you would know I was describing my favorite type of paper. I don’t believe I gave any indication that I felt all papers in the bundle should be “trade journals.”

I certainly enjoy The Boxwooder – Jake’s prose sparkles and his printing is first rate. But I still maintain his paper would have greater appeal if Jake included a few hobby lobby comments.

He can’t really mean that his readers can “…like it or lump it.”

It May Be Banned in Boston

Due to the residual effects of the Alf Babcock syndrome, I have decided not to distribute The Rhatt Race 14 in the NAPA bundle. Contents are strictly AAPA and would be of limited interest to National members at any rate.

However, I would be happy to send a copy to any NAPA member who requests one. Alf has already received his.

Be the first kid on your block to get a copy!

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Published for the NAPA bundle by Fred Liddle of Floral Park, N. Y. 11001

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