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Bob Mills Elected President!
Whitbread Veep

The National Amateur Press Association now jumps to a new tune – the music of band leader Bob Mills of Hemet, California. He will be backed by the rich harmonies and tight lyrics of poet Tom Whitbread of Texas as his veep. Mills was last seen celebrating at the Hawaiian Luau the evening after the election.

Electronic Publishing on the Web Gains Vote

By just a pixel of a margin the Convention voted to endorse member activity on the NAPA website. A 2/3 not 3/4 vote approval was needed, and won by a 15-7 total. Do it at!

Auction Notes

Auction of a wonderful assortment of items begins at 2 pm today in the 4th Dynasty Room. An effort to connect the room to the website for a live on-line auction will be postponed to another year, leaving all the goodies to the lucky bidders present.

Among items for sale:

Ventura 8.0 page layout software, valued at $480, donated by Corel and brought to NAPA by Jon McGrew as part of his presentation on electronic publishing. (Corel also donated Word Perfect software to all participants at the session, with Jon’s endorsement. Proof in the pudding! Thanks!)


The Hobby of Amateur Journalism by Almon Horton – history of British Amateur Press Association. (Stan Oliner donor)

Elementary Platen Presswork, Ralph Polk
The Practice of Printing, Ralph Polk
Printing for Pleasure, John Ryder
The First Hundred Years, Harold Segal
Your Thoughts, the Story of aj, Ralph Babcock
The Glass Fly and other stories, Rowena Moitoret & others… (donated by Elaine Peck)

History of Amateur Journalism, Truman Spencer (with index) & others on aj… (from Dick Flemming’s collection)

Poetry broadsides, handmade paper, printed by Tom Parson:

I’ve Got a Secret, Richard Tardiff
At Home in the Body, Paul Hunter
Elaine’s cats (set by Elaine Peck for Alf Babcock)

The Fish, by David Lee, poet laureate of Utah – a tall tale
Eggs & Mirrors, John Olson – short prose letterpressed by Paul Hunter, Woodworks, Seattle
Rodeo, Mark Irwin, bound & printed by Tom Parson

23 sheets handmade flowered paper, made by Ray Tomasso (donated by Tom Parson)

Packets of typographic notes & papers from Ralph Babcock

Fine ink brayer (donated by Gale Sheldon)

Bill Haywood, initials (donated by Helen Wesson)

& more…

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Lunch with the Fossils

The annual luncheon of The Fossils, historians of amateur journalism, will take place today at noon following the business of the Convention. This gathering alternates every other year between the National and the American Amateur Press Association conventions. You are invited to join in this continuing event!

Banquet at 7:15 pm
Mark Barbour keynote

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This is a bundle-reprint edition of The Amateur Gambler #2
Tom Parson, editor, Denver CO 80209

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