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“We must recruit, but we must DEVELOP more.” – Kulzick

“Stew Richardson has done me dirt,” claims Ben Franklin Rouze. “He sed I was handsome. That got my goat.” Will you write US up, Stew?

R. T. Perritt owns a 3×5 Kelsey press and brother Alvin has given him charge of a 5×8 Baltimore, while Alvin is busy in Civil Service work for the Signal Corps in San Antonio. Sounds like an ajay’s dream, but R.T., an admirer of Alvin’s poetry, writes that he also “inherited” an additional load of mail order printing. R. T. likes to write better than to print, but promises a paper “every once in a while,” with plans already for enlargement. “I am in LOVE with AAPA,” he writes – which is something to live up to! R. T. would appreciate receiving back issues of your AAPA papers for the Perritt collection.

Air Cadet Bob Kunde sends recorded greetings to the Hempstead get-together, which he had planned to attend. However, he is “almost positive” of being sent to the University of Wisconsin, Radio Division, as an instructor in radio engineering. “I’m very happy… as it is a splendid opportunity for advancement and the new radio school is located only 180 miles from home.” he writes.

Pvt. Dan Harrington sends encouraging news from his post at the 308th TSS, Flight B, Barracks 7, Kesler Field, Miss. Writes he: “Since the Republicans and Senators have decided I’m worth a staggering $50 per month I’ve enough extra cash to publish an amateur paper, too, and would like to try it. Direct me to a printer who can, or might, handle it for me, will you?

How often the Welcome Mat appears in AAPA bundles depends on how much copy YOU send us. We’ll go to press every time we have a page-ful, but we must hear from YOU first! Let us know something about your recruits and what they’re going to do.

The unpretentious Welcome Mat is published to help the American Amateur Press Association develop its new and less-active members, and to keep contact with AAPAians now in the Armed Forces, by…

William Haywood, New York
Helen A. Vivarttas, Grand Central Annex, New York

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