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I hope you had a thankful easter! Praise the Lord, Spring soon.

Nancy Hicks, journalist from the east, speech, I heard at the University. I met Nancy Hicks. She was witty, charming, warm, intelligent, interesting, small, black woman married, with a child, educated in New York.

She worked with the New York Times at the Washington Bureau. Had some connection with HEW. They worked six days a week. She started as copy girl for two years. At the New York Times, she was the fifth black woman. Women on larger papers get less money. Until 1971, they made $56.00 a week less than men.

She said women need to relax and to be bold. The police, government, and military do not take women seriously. They feel we do not know what we are doing. Men can laugh, but if women do, men think we are giggly. Women’s demeanor must be different. Women should be willing to buy lunch for information. For interviews, she said to get to the common point, a contact, as hobbies, interests, find where people come from and lived.

She remarked, “Do not be grateful for a job!” Such as one with poor hours, little pay. She is suing a paper.

She was educational reporter one time and did some food stamp stories. A student asked if a mentor was necessary. (friend, co-worker, editor) to teach or follow. It helps.

In a small room, but 35 people there, many standing, staying, interest – ed. She knew famous people in N.Y. and Washington D.C.; spoke nicely of all.

Students asked many questions which she encouraged after speaking to us. Someone mentioned the “good old girl network,” to help women.

She respected M. Morgan who wrote The Total Woman. I do too and respect any helping the family. Mrs. Morgan had trouble in her marriage, looked to the Bible and other books. She changed. Her husband, happy, told Phil Donahue (T.V. host) about it. He had Mrs. Morgan on his program. She was later asked to have classes, write a book of what she learned to help family and she did.

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Back to Nancy Hicks, I liked her. The university has interesting free things going.

Nancy, saying, do not be satisfied with anything, I got assignment from one editor, Ann Arbor and did it. They did not publish or pay me. I wrote the owner of the paper, received no reply. I worked hard on this and should have asked for pay, when it would be published, (been professional), instead of thankful to help. It was a survey I set up to be printed in the paper. The paper would then tell results what the needs were of the people and how they felt about their cities. It would be work but the Chamber of Commerce would have helped, they have $200,000 they are using to encourage tourists to come to Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is not getting the companies here they used to. I guess it is the bad news always going out. There are a lot of cultural things, nice things, many groups, people do. The University had done a survey and they were not satisfied with it. With the Chicago paper folding, as the afternoon paper people are not reading due to radio, T.V. and news one, they prefer morning papers.

In news today, they state the University of Michigan is down 280 students; last year they were less 300 undergrads. Don’t tell me one person cannot do something. I wrote all religious groups not to send undergrads to large universities but to hometown colleges first, cheaper, and away to school when, if they mature. Living in apartment complex ten years with students living temporary you can not believe the drink, dope and immorality. Most do not work, or pay back scholarships. They are lazy. They change schools, work, drop out, parents, mates paying, students are bent on pleasure, unhappy, do not know what they want.

I think for discipline and to know where youth are, draft is to be soon. Too, to be sure they learn to earn a living (college is not for all), know they can read and write, most important since we are not born equal, correct any physical, dental defects. This would help employment economy too.

About what one person can do, I called, wrote state police, sheriff, highway and wanted 55 mile hour changed to 50. It is done. On the highway, 55 is 0.K. but not on smaller streets, especially when they go over 55 and there are so many deaths, injuries on the roads.

My eyes are O.K., praise the Lord, but eyelid droops so have trouble with right eye closed. It could mean, nothing but discomfort, disintegration, or death, will know later, live day at a time. Any have that trouble? So, excuse paper’s mistakes, in past I had good papers, Bible verses, interview with great and small local people.

In Suitcase Poems, Valentine edition, P. Saunders paper, Pres. UAP wrote incorrectly. I received roses, a number for each year married on anniversaries, few on Valentine’s day. Last Valentine, got no roses but a flower lei being in Hawaii then. Since I received no roses then, a surprise. I received them on my birthday, April 1. This year, roses were scarce and expensive so got one, ($3.00). Took hubby to lunch, later got T. bone and fixed nice dinner, too.

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My favorite Bible verse, Psalm 121 1-2, has been a great comfort to me. When feeling discouraged I recite this to myself and am comforted. No hills nearby, so I look up to the heavens. Calmness takes over, God is near. “I WILL lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.”… Katherine B. March, Acacia-Lumberton Manor, Lumberton, N.J.

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Lee checked this item and signed. He retired, they had a party for him, gave him gold watch, cards, book of Ann Arbor. Mayor was there. I went for last 5 minutes though invited for 2 hours. 23 men took him to lunch. He was hard worker, well liked. He put in 15 years.

He paid off our house, car, but monthly will be less than half to live on but we will make it. I saved year for a dress then gave it all to charity, church, mostly to 700 club, Wycliffe Bible.

Train Up a Child
by Velma Lamoreaux
Marshalltown, Iowa 50158

“Train up a child as he should go
And start while he is young.”
This ancient dictum stands today
Parents need to show the way
To teach their children how to pray
And sing the hymns that faith has sung.
How else can children know?

Each father has a priesthood rare
To educate his own
The gospel story – when it’s told
Is worth far more than hard earned gold
For saving power will unfold
Because Christ Jesus did atone
And God will answer prayer.

Except for Muhammed Ali and a Few Others
by Rosanne K. Pierce
Wellsboro, Pa. 16901

I go forth to meet the poets.
Not one speaks to me in rhyme;
The rhythm of the speaking
Is not poetic time.
Poems are the afterthoughts –
The things one might have said –
Which come to taunt and haunt the mind
When one is snug abed.

by Patricia Saunders
Edgerton, Wisconsin 53534

There is a comfort
Knowing God is near
In the late sunsets
All through the year

He sees our sadness
Our troubles are known
His promises keep us…
We are His Own.

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Alpha and Omega is written and published by Marjorie A. Smith Dexter, Mi., 48130
Peter 5:7. Cast all your care upon Him for he careth for you.

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