Warehouse Clearance

One-man printshops may be cozy for a lone wolf, or for the milquetoast who wants to get away from it all. But for gregarious amateur printers – or when you’ve got an Art Director or Typographic Consultant in the house, the one-man gloryhole presents problems. As the Wandering Inspectors (Whitbread & Lindberg) will tell you, The Scarlet Cockerel Press resembles its Prop. – almost too big for its pants. If we don’t get rid of some excess – something’s gonna pop! And since the local Typographic Consultant has now checked in her specimen sheets and handed over her personally initialed winkelhakken* and gold-plated type… common courtesy demands that we clear out enough space for a heckling chair or stool. Ergo: clearance sale.

* Winkelhakken – a Swiss composing stick.

For Your Printing Pleasure

A dozen spare reams of that 70# cream white Vellum used in WM 77. For the amateur printer who wants a quality background for his deluxe paper – for easy feeding or color register – here’s a superb sheet of paper. $2.50 per 1000 sheets, or 3½ reams for $4 for your 16 pager.

Warren’s 45# Cumberland E.F. – Steve Watts raves about and uses this on most of his Pastime Printers. Prints like a charm, even halftones. Requires little inking and is a cinch to fold. Inside a heavier cover it makes a very creditable 16 or 24 pager. Saves its cost on mailing postage alone. $1 per ream.

The last 10 reams of Ivory Fairfield Vellum used on WM 73 as well as Al Fick’s book and several of Doc David’s Reflections offered for the last time at only $1.25 per ream.

Of that smooth 100% Rag stock offered before Christmas (and acquired on a chance of a lifetime close-out) we can still furnish three 3-ream lots at a mere $1.25 per ream, with a few more stationary pairs [500 sheets + 500 monarch square-flap envelopes] at $4.

Tweedweave Deckle Edge Cover used on the 34th Scarlet Cockerel can’t be obtained elsewhere for less than 3 times our offer of $2.50 per ream. Can be had either 7 x 10 or 7¼ x 10 for overhang cover. Grain is right for easy folding along 7” dimension.

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Grab These Fine Papers

Velvety thin substance 30 Bible Paper leftover from Scarlet Cockerel 31 and WM 68-69-71: six reams at $1 each. Willametta is hiding a hoard of this against the day she runs low on money for Mailing Bureau fees.

Just ten reams of the noble smooth text paper used on this WM you’re now reading will make splendid deluxe papers for the first two printers sending $6 for a package of 5 reams!

Postage Extra On All Paper

Berthold’s Post Italic

Designed by Herbert Post 1938-48 and cast in West Berlin, Germany, by Berthold Typefoundry. Imported in U.S.A. by Amsterdam Continental, 268 Fourth Avenue, New York, New York.

Whereas several future issues of Weaker Moments may be privately mailed due to technical considerations and/or limited appeal (few poets & peasants will drool over stuff that might “send” typenuts & pressbangers)

Now hear ye, note well that our private mailing list is now being prepared.

Anyone interested in interesting old AJ papers – including various Scarlet Cockerels, Weaker Moments, and others – we have

Six Bundles of 50 different papers each, which can be yours for $1 a bundle.

Insure your spot on WM’s mailing list by sending for one, or by

Gobbling up one or more of the paper bargains listed inside.

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Weaker Moments is a hobby sparetimekiller issued spasmodically from the press at the sign of The Scarlet Cockerel and leaden slivers by one

Ralph Babcock, Gillette, New Jersey
Number 79 [handset in 10 large Post Italic] February 12, 1958.

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