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We Remember

ERNIE PYLE – A great American!! In our pre-war days, before the call of the colors Ernie had gone a long way in building his fame to a nationally-known standpoint, through his news-columns which appeared regularly in America’s foremost dailies. Then the war and Ernie’s assignment of news coverage in the Pacific. A Jap bullet in April 1945, spelled finis in the life of a great man and a great American, in the little Pacific isle of Ie Shima. – (We solemnly dedicate this journal to an all-’round good Joe – ERNIE PYLE)

American Hobby Monthly

Few of you have heard of American Hobby club. This club was organized in 1947 and after 9 months of publishing under hectic printing conditions I had to give up the ghost. But now that I have my own printing equipment I am preparing to resume publication in the near future. This will be a commercial publication and will be mailed exclusively to paid-up subscribers.

Patronize Your A.A.P.A. Bureau Services!

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To All Printers – Greetings

Instead of commenting on each individual content of the March Bundle, I’d like to express my feeling of pride to see the number of high-class journals included in this mailing I’m looking forward to another ‘fat’ bundle this month.

Thanks to Milt Grady and all others whose words of encouragement have inspired me to keep plugging. Be seeing ya’ soon. Wally.

Who is My Neighbor?
by Perry S. Hall

“Who is my neighbor?” someone asked,
Of Jesus long ago.
Whoever lends a helping hand
When you are feeling low.

You don’t know who your neighbors are
Until you’re down and out,
But when you try to rise again
They’re helping you about.

He may not be the richest man
Nor blest with worldly fame.
If he responds when you’re in need,
Good Neighbor, is his name.

Happy Landins” Col. Cornwall

A recent postal from the secretary of Col. Cornwall announces his departure for East Africa. Sir, we will miss you, and hope for your speedy return.

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The Wardrobe is printed in spare moments by Wallace Ward, Whiteville, N. C., on a 9×13 Pearl press. Printed exclusively for American Amateur Press Association.

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