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VINCENT HAGGERTY is quoted as saying, “Wait’ll Hadley Smith’s slate appears – then you’ll know next year’s officers.” But EHS has a failing for lemons and nuts. (Witness his latest Library News: small-pocked with misstatements and possibly indicative that the Library of A.J. is overloaded with freaks and eccentric papers, instead of featuring solidly worthwhile examples of A.J. – the healthy way of boosting and perpetuating our hobby.)

So before the brew in the political pot curdles we’d like to present our nominations for next year’s officers:

For President there is only one candidate – Ernest A. Edkins of Coral Gables, Florida, and Winnetka, Illinois. Writer, letter-writer, litterateur, and critic, Edkins has a career without parallel in amateur history. More than any others, Lovecraft, Cole, and Edkins are responsible for the rebirth and improvement of amateur literary standards. And by stressing personalities, editorial paragraphing, and amateur journalism as the primary topics of A.J., Crane and Edkins have been largely responsible for reinoculating the NAPA with activity. Amateurs well versed in the standards of A.J. still point to Edkins’ Causerie as one of the 20 best amateur papers in the last ten years. Onetime Official Editor, Critic, Executive Judge and Laureate Judge, there is no better qualified candidate for President and chief executive of the National Amateur Press Association during the coming year than Ernest A. Edkins!

Willametta Turnepseed is a natural – the natural choice for the new vice presidency envisioned by the Constitution Committee’s third proposal. This calls for a recruiter – a wide-awake, energetic booster whose initiative and taste and A.J. selling and rallying ability can be depended on. We take pleasure in nominating for this job the editor of Walk One Flight and also Napa Mailer, our present effervescently enthusiastic Mailing Manager, Ohio’s pert Willametta Turnepseed.

Secretary “Aunt Bernie” McCarthy of Razzburray Park, Nuh Joisey, has another year to slave out of her two year sentence, and a few more efficient, more likable, or more enterprising amateurs have filled this thankless job. For her helpful monthly Membership Flashes and little-appreciated routine work: an orchid to “Mac.”

The burdensome (!?!) task of Treasurer may – indeed, should be abolished this year. It is little more than a $5 gesture of honor and esteem, anyway; but we suggest Larry Giles of Utah whose “Larry-ettes” and frequent concentrated contributions to the amateur press place him in the forefront of the writers.

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The official editorship calls for an editor – a person with imagination who can write and edit! One who can suggest features for the official organ, get them written somehow – anyhow – even if he has to do it himself, and produce a publication packed with interest and worthwhile material. For this office we nominate Bob Holman, editor of the regularly published Cubicle. Those who met Holman at the Philadelphia were impressed by his genuine interest and ability. We’ll have a good Official Editor in Holman.

Prexy Telschow has discharged his official duties quite creditably this year. It’s a pleasure to nominate him for Executive Judge. Helm Spink, the convention arranger and Cleveland sparkplug, son of an oldtime amateur and himself thrice Official Editor (and printer of The National Amateur in two other years) knows more about the NAPA constitution than most members and ex-Presidents! He’d be an ideal Judge (and mebbe I don’t need a good friend among the Judges specially with Hadley Smith still alive!). Edgar and Jean Hayes, editors of Whim, would, either one, make a fair constitution interpreter. So I nominate Telschow of New Jersey, Spink of Ohio, Hayes of Calif.

Then, of course, we need a convention city for 1942. Even tho I’m now a resident of Boston, New York City is my choice for the 1942 NAPA gathering. New York has a lively bunch of active members in it and nearby. We’ve not met in New York since 1933. People will always come to New York. We’d be sure to have a grand convention to climax President Edkins’ brilliant year – a convention that would spur the NAPA to greater heights! Besides, you can ride for a nickel in New York.

The rest of the officers are appointive, but Presidents sometimes welcome suggestions:

Mailing Manager: Alma Weixelbaum could enlist other Springfielders to help prepare the bundles, and Springfield, Ohio, is a desirable central location.

For Membership Coordinator we need a mixer: one who thoroughly understands A. J., its possibilities and standards – a good letter-writer like Cole or Crane.

If he published a paper among the National members we’d suggest Bill Groveman for Historian. He seems interested in that sort of thing, does quite a bit of writing, and has the requisite get-up-and-do.

Next year’s Critics probably will be the Editorial Award Committee as well, so we might turn to Burton Crane (he can write – and criticize!), E. B. Hill, Spencer, Spink, Vondy McDonald, Cole, or Moitoret.

One bright promising newcomer to be watched is Sheldon Wesson. He might do well as an assistant in the recruiting field. Another chap we believe will do well in amateur journalism is Bob Smith.

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Weaker Moments: delivered with no respect for rights (or lefts – and no punches pulled) mainly to unburden the soul of Ralph Babcock between dawn-cracking calls of The Scarlet Cockerel which, as you know, is issued spasmodically – better, late, ‘n never! This is the fifth weakest moment.

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