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(A Taylorhyme)

Three li’l birdies,
All snug in bed,
A Wren, a Thrush,
AND a Bob-o-link!
Now I’ll bet you know
What might be said
To rhyme with Bob-o- – – – !
But you were wrong,
You nasty things!
We WERE gonna sing a song!
About our three li’l wings.
So just for that,
We just won’t try
To make this fit (uh-fat O.)
No sir, we’s gonna fly!
So there! Goo-by-yi,,,,,,
In Solent

“Do unto others as though you were one of the others.” – Elbert Hubbard

Mary’s heart would never mend…
She could not love another.
John was Mary’s high ideal….
Until she met his brother!
Remelda Gibson

“Thought I had a gift and would an author be, but all the stuff that I sent out came right back home to me.” – Howe Offil

This was printed on a 6 x 9 Model, and type is 8 point Roman and Roman Italic. Bold face is Franklin Gothic.

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SMITHS BASIN, a station on the Delaware and Hudson R. R., and a post office, lies on the Champlain Canal. The history of this place dates from the opening of the canal, in 1822, when a large storehouse was erected by Ezekiel Smith, for whom the village was named. Today there is besides the post-office, a store, milk plant and grade school.

“If you have a sickly youngster give him Cod Liver Oil to loosen up his bones and give him a deficiency.” – Molly B. Golly

Teeth are all gone. Breath is a fright.
Can’t get a date for Saturday night.
But why should I worry or wish I were dead?
It’s been 40 years since I was wed!
Dewey Itche

Congratulations to these firsts: Chatterbox, Bare Cove and The Little Wheel. We will be looking for seconds, soon.

It’s cold in the Winter
Chilly in the Fall
Summer is the bestest
Season of all!
Izzy Write

The Mirror”

Old Jones’ pretty daughter
Knelt by the Spring for water
And a shy sort of a guy
Blushed while passing by
At what he saw in the water!
Clifford Palmer, Augusta Me.

Lessons in Living

It’s puff and pant and lift and lug and push and shove and carry. You never get out of this world alive, in fact you’re not a fairy. So eat your fill and drink your fill and hunt for wild women, and every time you get all wet be sure you’ve been in swimming. – Will Sinn

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Edited, printed, and published by John L. Shear of Smiths Basin, New York.
Member of A. A. P. A. and Lone Indian Fraternity.

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