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NOT Gallivanting
Martin B. Keffer

It seems to us the famed Rocky Mountains as seen from Denver appear smaller than on previous trips here – almost as small as our own Blue Ridge Mountains. But they proved too large this time for Sir Galavant, our motor home, who once made it easily over 12,000-ft. Loveland Pass sans emergency brake. But now at five years and 60,000 miles I guess he’s feeling his age. After coming over 1600 miles from our own mountains, he panted up only sixteen miles of the Rockies west of Denver and then quit. (Torque converter or transmission shot, they say, and maybe a few other things.) So here we are towed ignominiously back into Denver and waiting we don’t know how long for repairs. But it gives us a chance to dip our hands into Elaine Peck’s generous supply of type.

Then and Now
by Willametta Keffer

Elaine and I were bemoaning the fact that we’d have so little time together when Sir Galavant rectified that, although he’s making me miss the UAP convention in Anaheim. Martin and I still hope to visit some of Utah’s spectacular National and State Parks if the motor home gets its “pacemaker” installed promptly, and then we hope to head for Morro Bay, California as scheduled.

Elaine’s printshop was already well equipped, then she had a chance to acquire an entire shop which she confesses she bought for a certain storage cabinet. Martin is distributing pied type & casting an eye on the galleys of undistributed forms, and I’ll probably join in that task if we are delayed over a day.

At the 1955 NAPA convention, starred by the spectacular night-time view from the Skyroom of the Security Life, Denver did not seem to have grown much from our wedding trip visit in 1947. But by 1964 it was bursting its boundaries; in 1972 it was climbing the mountains; and now I read that half of Colorado’s population is in Denver and suburbs. In 1955 we went to the country to visit Elaine, so it was difficult to accept that this was the same home. Only foresight in acquiring four lots avoids the Peck home from having the accordion-pleated look of many residential areas – and provided space for Sir Galavant.

This is Freddie

expressing his censored opinion of the favoritism that shuts him outside while Josephine is given the run of the house. If we had with us one of the cat cuts Lawrence Redmon sent us several years ago we could depict Josie’s complacency but this one will serve. Her favorite part of our traveling is the stopping, yet at few places will she go indoors without protest. At Grace Phillips’ she insists, tho it’s now Valentine’s home. And she likes Freddie’s!

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Among several thousand ornaments, these are the only ones I found to salute the expected visit of Irene Lester who shares with me (and Ernest Witte, John & Betty Brann, Kermit Schuman, Winifred Lewis, Kelly Janes, Carol Robbins among other ajays) the accident of birth or residence in Kansas. -Wma

We Love Visitors
by Elaine Peck

A wonderful convention in Kansas City and now a happy aftermath in Denver. Rhoda Werner and Virginia Baker stayed a day on their way home to Salt Lake City. Now Jess and I are pleased to have Martin and Willametta here for an extra day or two. We are sorry about their vehicle trouble, of course, but if it had to happen we are glad it was near Denver.

John and Eleanor Antes, with their Fifth Wheeler, are parked near the Keffers, preparatory to moving to Texas. Eleanor has done some writing and a bit of printing, and has visited some CAPC meetings but was too involved to join. Now with retirement perhaps we can twist her arm. Next week we hope Ron and Irene Lester will stop. Together we plan to visit Goldianne Thompson, our fascinating 97-year-old NAPAer of Denver.

If you are in our area stop for a visit.

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Visiting Fireman, the house organ of Martin and Willametta Keffer printed when ajays visit their Shady Acre Press in Roanoke, Virginia, goes afield for the first time at the well-supplied printshop of Elaine Peck’s in mile-high Denver, Colorado.

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