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Terrelle and I will be responsible for 15 reservations at Day’s Inn in Kansas IF we do not cancel the convention by a certain time! Eleanore-Melissa and husband are the only ones so far who have made reservations and have told us. They go by bus. Vietta Wines may go, by plane. Our daughter and husband drove from Kansas to R.I. to Colorado to Kansas the end of May and first part of June. Gas available on through-ways!

“Please let us know if you are going to attend!” – Eleanor G. Crum

Welcome to all new members! A Cheery hello to Everyone!!!

A note to our much appreciated PUBLISHERS: Thanks to Willametta Keffer I have learned that it would be to our advantage, in seeking a non-profit mailing permit, to state on each publication that it is published for United Amateur Press.

Carol McGrath has sent an item for the Convention auction!

Some have sent “greetings” with regrets. We thank you, Carol, and also the “some.”

The Manuscript Bureau presents:

A Poet’s Wealth
by Norma Green Narde, N.Y.

I’ll never want to have
All the wealth that does exist,
For I have found within me
A special kind of bliss,
For I am a poet
And I can touch a star,
And I have found
That is worth
More than the wealthy are.

When You Love Someone
by Robert Parker, PA

When you love someone, please tell them; don’t wait another day, because death just might decide to come by and take that Love away.

by Lucille Fisher Roseberry

Delightful fragrant faithful dual
A daily summer-long riot –
Colorful rose and yellow Mirabilis
Morning and evenings delight.

Note From Editor: Due to circumstances beyond our control, this issue is short.

Cricket Chirps
Published by Eleanor and Terrelle Crum
Edgewood, R.I. 02905 (offset)

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