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Sixty Years Ago or My Early Farm Days

Spring brings to memory the creek that rumbled beside the school. ‘Twas named by the early Spaniards after the five wounds of Jesus Christ (El Rio de Las Cinco Llagas de Jesus Cristo). Those who came to live there later didn’t want such a long name. They chopped it to “Llagas Creek.” (It is prounounced Yah-gahs.) We boys fished in the creek and once in a while caught one. Each Spring I performed my “Vernal Riparian Rites” as my teacher described them. While attempting some death-defying feat I fell into the stream. I had to walk soaking wet more than a mile and a half to get some dry clothes! – The Life and Times of Harlan Burbank

He who steals my purse, steals trash, but he who takes my CB radio leaves me speechless. Always forgive your enemies; this annoys them. – Mrs. Charlotte Slusser

The Good Old Days
by Mrs. Dorothy Hiers

When we were able to enjoy a birthday party with 15 or 20 guests in our homes without causing our parents a nervous breakdown. When we got presents for Christmas and birthdays ordinarily. We knew enough to take care of them because if broken they could not be replaced until the next Christmas or birthday rolled around. Often that seemed forever.

Horoscope for March
by Omar Shadoof, Horoscopist-in-Residence

Mar. 4: Beware of nasty head colds this week, if you have a choice. The planets imply you will be happier without them.

Mar. 11: A good week for praising amateur journalists, printers, etc. They are human beings.

Mar. 18: A very fine week for kite-fliers, hang-glider and soaring persons. I repeat the warning about high tension wires. They can be a bother.

Mar. 25: Again comes a period of doubt and gloom. These are professionally known as Blahs!

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