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Contest News… Contest News

By the time you receive the May bundle the winners of my contest will have been notified. I’m sorry I cannot publish the winners and their poems in this issue as promised. Unfortunately I did not allow enough time between contest closing, April 30th, and announcing the winners in May issue. My May paper had to be at Ozark Cardinal Publications for printing by April 10th. The winners and their poems will be in July issue. As I prepare this paper I am receiving many fine entries to my contest. Since I am finding almost all of them to be winners I must ask someone else to be the judge therefore I am asking my husband to judge the poetry. He is such a good critic of my own poetry that I am sure he will do an excellent job of judging.

My guest writers of lovely poems this month are… Virginia West, Lewis Sanders, Gerald S. Bradish, Mildred A. Rose, Catherine Wardlaw, Isabelle M. Wall and Ilene Middleton.

A Paradise Called Home
by Virginia West
Holt, Michigan 48842

A valley framed by purple hills
Where country folks pass by,
Let me live where the woodland trees
Lift boughs to a friendly sky.

Give me a house filled with love
And riches I will own,
From laughter of children’s happy voices
A paradise called… Home.

* * * *

I tended to a broken heart
I fixed a teddy bear
I bandaged up a wounded knee
I listened to a prayer
I watched a tiny smiling face
I wiped a tear away
I tucked my children in just now
And God, How Was Your Day?

– Margaret McCarthy

* * * *

A poet sees, white
Snow-flake patterns on
The window-pane,
And whispers in his heart,
“Glory to God!”

– Lewis Sanders
Jackson, Tennessee 38301

Remember Father
by Gerald S. Bradish
Willow Bunch, Sask., Canada SOH 4KO

Kindness, the role he played in laughter
And fondness for wife, son and daughter.
With sincerity for you and me
Religion was his life to be.
All knew it came from the heart
And whistling he did impart.
Lived for others, did them no wrong
As each day began with a song.

* * * *

Pain isn’t pain till you bear it
Love isn’t love till you share it.

– Margaret McCarthy

One Need for Beauty
by Catherine Wardlaw
Odessa, Texas 79761

Lovely lilacs light my path;
Beauty mollifies my wrath.

Young Love
by Mildred A. Rose
Regina, Sask., Canada

My beloved is here beside me
High on a spring hill
Above Echo Lake.
Now I lie, head in her lap,
Watching clouds
Drifting, gathering,
The June-blue sky broken by contrails.

The sun wraps us in warmth;
We warm one another
With our passion.
Eternity is in our touch.
Today is Forever!

by Isabelle M. Wall
Huntington Park, California 90255

It takes a lot of decisions
To decide, win or lose.
It takes a lot of research
To figure up the dues.

It takes a big person
To right a grievous wrong,
To make retribution
Keeps a faith coming strong.

Give love with understanding
T’will bring peace of mind.
You’ll walk again in sun
Indeared by human kind.

This Day
by Illene Middleton
Orillia, Ontario, Canada

My life was very troubled
As I called upon the Lord
I needed strength to last the day
But could not read His word
And so… my heart in deep despair
Reached out…
And found Him waiting there!

The Closed Door
by Margaret McCarthy

I knelt and wept by a bolted door
Inside was a peace that I’d known before
The rolling years had taken my youth
And knowledge replaced my faith and truth

I knelt and wept by a bolted door
“I MUST enter in,” I cried once more
I reached my arms… on bended knee
My God Reached Out and Turned the Key!

Our Mother
by Gerald S. Bradish

Let us honour our mother
On this great mother’s day
With a bouquet of roses…
This our love will portray
With kindness and our love
Sweet words will then express
Our gratitude to her
May the Lord now richly bless

by Catherine Wardlaw

God’s lace,
Etched on panes
Help make the years

* * * *

Through earthly years one hope I’ve got –
Though I’m afraid, my God is not

– Margaret McCarthy

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Published for U.A.P.
Margaret McCarthy
Vincennes, Indiana 47591

Mimeographed by:
Ozark Cardinal Publications
Thornfield, Missouri 65762

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