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THE Metropolitan Chapter will be host to the AAPA at its second annual convention, which will be held in the Hudson Park Branch Library, New York, July 21st and 22nd. An admission charge of fifty cents will be made to hire the space we hope to fill with active amateurs. Will you be one of us when the roll is called?

We would like, at this time, to add our voice to those who advocate increase of the dues to one dollar. This is not too much for a really interested amateur to pay. That’s the kind we want!

No place for your short manuscripts? Well, Topix can use a few.

Jack Garske
Introduced by Bruce W. Smith

PRESENTING Jack Garske of Minneapolis, editor of the Gopher Getter… fourteen years old, five feet six, weighs 130… editor-in-chief of Ramsey Junior High School Record and in grade 9A… spinach one of his favorite foods… pet subject history… of French and German descent, his prize possessions a full-blooded dachshund… he also edits Sports Chronicle and loves to write letters to pen pals.

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Silent Sounds
by Albert Chapin

A turmoil in the solitude of hearts;
A pleading face with deep, protracted sigh;
The beat of wings when clay from spirit parts;
When tongues are mute and grief just thinks “good-by.”

Things I Like in New York
No. 2 in a series

A striking tribute to engineering skill is the recently completed Bronx-Whitestone bridge. Some solution of the ever-increasing Manhattan traffic problem was sorely needed. Now the congestion has been alleviated, as Long Island-bound cars speed to their destinations over the span without approaching downtown New York.

From both ends the bridge is approached with multi-laned parkways, divided in the center by a landscaped “safety-strip.” Your car speeds aloft on the arched span until you can see in the west the lofty spires of New York and in the south the modernistic buildings of the World’s Fair. The world of today and the world of tomorrow in one big, magnificent panorama!

YOUR city, town, or village appeals to you. Tell us why it does.

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Published, edited, and printed by William Haywood at New York, N. Y.
Member of the American Amateur Press Association.

The type handset, 250 copies printed on a handpress

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