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The Editor Says

I am trying to stick to it and publish The Southerner monthly despite the fact that I need a new ink pad for my duplicator. I hope to have it by the February issue, but until I get it I will have only one page in each Southerner. I have definite plans for improving The Southerner and making it one of the better amateur publications, but these will have to wait awhile. I hope you readers will excuse this issue and the first one and will bear with me until I get that new ink pad. Thanks.

I want to repeat below the announcement I made in the first issue concerning contributions.

Contributions Wanted: For various reasons some A. A. P. A. members do not publish their own journals. I will welcome all contributions from members and other readers and letters of comments or criticism. I especially want poems, short or long!

Amateur Journalism: Not much this month as I have not yet received my January bundle of A. A. P. A. amateur papers. Well, the A. A. P. A. election is over. I wonder who won! There can’t be much doubt as only one candidate was running for each position and write-ins don’t usually receive enough votes to win. We need more competition in our elections.

Golden Gate Stamp

The Post Office Department has announced the details of the new 3-cent stamp which will be issued in San Francisco, Feb. 18, on the opening of the Golden Gate International Exposition. The new stamp will be of the same size as other recent commemoratives, arranged vertically, rotary press printed in purple color and issued in sheets of fifty. The central design will picture the 400-foot high Tower of the Sun, the outstanding architectural feature on the fair grounds on Treasure Island in San Francisco.

Sports Comments

I missed two of my “bowl” game predictions. I picked T. C. U. and Tennessee to win all right, but I missed the Rose Bowl and Cotton Bowl games. Now I will make another prediction, this time on a fight. I predict that Joe Louis will KO John Henry Lewis in their fight on January 25. John Henry is a good boxer, though, and may defeat Joe like Schmelling did in his first encounter with the Brown Bomber. However, I hardly think that this will happen.

The six leading heavyweight boxers, in my opinion, are Joe Louis, Max Baer, Lou Nova, Tony Galento, “Red” Burman, and Tommy Barr. Watch Patrick Knowles Comiskey, the 18-year boxing prodigy. If he is brought up to the big time right, he may turn out to be one of the greatest boxers of all times. Another prediction! I pick Fred Apostili to defeat Billy Conn in their return match. So much for boxing.

Besides boxing, hockey and basketball are holding the spotlight in the sports world. As there is no hockey locally, I can’t become very interested in it. Basketball is not very popular here, but its popularity is gaining rapidly.

By cutting this edition short I have been forced to omit a short history of basketball, which I may publish soon.

The Southerner is published monthly by Walter P. Crews, Jacksonville, Florida. Member of the American Amateur Press Association. Free to all members (distributed through the monthly mailings). To all others the price is 2¢ a copy or 15¢ a year. Advertising 1¢ a word. Contents of this paper, unless otherwise specified, are by the editor.

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