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GREETINGS, may I come into your life? I’m just a youngster – my first appearance in public. I like to think I will grow into something desirable and enjoyed by many. This is the ambition of my publisher and editor.

May I introduce my creators. The sirname is Buechel (Bish’-el). There is the typesetter and printer, by name – Robert (Bob) and his wife Hazel, who edits and corrects the many mistakes of the printer. They dwell in the capital of South Carolina – Columbia.

They have many interests and hobbies; Hazel breeds parti-color Cocker Spaniels – show quality – and has finished two champions. She is leader of a brownie scout troop, member of the board of directors of the Columbia Kennel Club, president of the Carolina Cocker Club, active in church and politics. Bob has many hobbies; among these are art, photography, wood work, metal work and now printing. He works for a living as an electronic technician for General Electric Company; Medical Systems Dept.

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A Spring Morning
by Bob Buechel

This was a beautiful spring morning after the refreshing rains during the night. I had to make a business trip to a small mill village sixty miles away.

I approached the interstate highway with some dread. Most interstate highways are built to bypass any populated centers; but they become so heavily traveled, they are ribbons of dare devil humanity. Huge trucks roar along with black streams of air polluting smoke pouring from their exhaust; plus a great many automobiles in questionable condition, adding to the smog. The spring morning was soon hidden by noise, smells and smoke.

After traveling in this environment for about twenty-five miles, I turned off onto a little traveled road – the pre-interstate highway. As if by magic, I was transformed into a different world – fresh air and bright sunlight. I turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows, letting in the sweet fresh air. Birds flitted across the road in front of me. Big black crows hunted for food in the lush green grass that grew on the shoulder of the road. Ahead I saw something moving in the road, a half grown rabbit hopped off the pavement and disappeared into the fresh green undergrowth. Cardinals, blue jays and others too numerous to mention were seen all along the way. Milk cows and beef cattle grazed in the meadows where the grass grew knee deep. Mr. “Bob White” and his lady scurried across the road – all was peace and joy.

I drove through several small, country villages, with the people bustling about at their everyday chores. Farmers gathering at country stores to pass the time of day, visit with neighbors and talk about the fine crops they will grow. Everyone seems to be in a good mood after the much needed rain last night.

All too soon I approached my destination; again I entered a much traveled highway. No longer was this the domain of the birds and animals. I was again in the smog filled world of civilized man.

I closed my windows and turned on the air-conditioner.

* * * *

One advantage of having a two-car garage is that there is frequently room for an automobile.

Free Speech
Fort Walton (Fla.)
Playground Daily News

Unfortunately, there are people – in this country, as elsewhere – who, while vociferously defending the right of free speech, nevertheless demand that those who hold views different from their own be silenced. And that, of course, is how freedom is lost, error martyred, and fallacy perpetuated.

If an idea is false, the only way in the world in which it can be revealed as such is to let those who espouse it freely speak. The person who calls for the muzzling of others reveals the weakness of his own beliefs.

* * * *

Supreme Court justices are now drawing $60,000 per year. For the kind of justice we have been getting lately, they are greatly overpaid.

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Tales End is published and printed as a hobby by Hazel & Bob Buechel; Columbia, South Carolina 29204. Handset and printed in 10 pt. Century Roman on a Kelsey 5 x 8 press.

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