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IF sentiments of delegates at Tampa ’71 were, any indication; AAPA will be meeting sometime in August next year – in Reno, Nevada. A discussion on convention dates and sites showed favorable feelings towards an offer from Ted Conover to convene in Reno in ‘72 – but earlier than Labor Day weekend.

Conover, who had stopped in said the association could hold sessions in journalism facilities at the University of Nevada in Reno. (He is chairmen of the journalism department there.)

His offer was conditioned on a need to meet before the start of school – a factor that kept several delegates away from this years get-together.

In final Sunday afternoon talk-session at the Causeway Inn, members at Tampa ‘71 expressed that the association should experiment with an earlier convention date.

And a show of hands indicated enthusiasm for Reno as a site – as part of a vacation trip to the West.

Worries over election complications were discounted on the basis that the By Laws provide an alternate method of counting results “if the organization is unable to hold a convention over the Labor Day weekend.”

The decision will be up to the new president, Rodney Ideker, but he will at least have the benefit of some thinking from convention-goers on the coming year.

Reno’s proximity to newer members in California and the Northwest was cited as a “plus,” since AAPA wants to draw convention delegates from all areas.

WITH a total of 52 members and guests in attendance at Tampa ‘71 events, the convention here takes its place as one of AAPA’s largest. Even the hosts enjoyed it!

Delegates were registered from New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Mississippi, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D. C., Tennessee and Florida.

Charlet First, expected from Ohio, became ill shortly before she was to leave for the convention.

J. Hill Hamon, who had hoped to attend, found himself caught up in commitments at home. He is looking forward to next year.

Is AAPA’s dues increase to $5 affected by the wage-price freeze?

Outgoing Pres. L. V. Heljeson thinks not, since ballots okaying the boost had to be postmarked by midnight Aug.15th, effective date of the freeze.

This is another Florida mailing to bring you convention and election results. Although there will be more details from other sources, we wanted to provide you with the top of the news quickly.

The Amateur Parade periodically appears with news for members of the American Amateur Press Association. It is published by Lee Hawes, Jr. Tampa, Florida 33609.

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