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Introducing: me, matters, and money

Brief Autobiography, me

b. 1913: Manchester :–

Printing – Jobbing, Books, Catalogues, Cigarette Cards
R. A. F. – Radar, India, Egypt, M. E.
College – Art, Science, Psychology, English
Teaching – Maths., English, Art, Printing

School Press, interests:

Painting, Books, Designing, Bacon-Shakespeare Controversy, Tape-Recording, Writing, Lecturing, Camping, Philately, Touring, Music, Typographics, Cooking, Poetry, Publishing

Publications, Amateur:

The Quadrat – Linocuts
Baconiana Letter – Controversy
Take-a-Pull – Experiment
The Spinner – Publicity


PRINTING is primarily a vehicle for communication, hence in this first issue, The Spinner, the writer takes a bow, as it were, to the membership of NAPA and to publishers and friends in the ranks of BAPA and ISPA who already know something of the Parlour Press publications.

THE BOUNDARIES of print are not confined to traditional forms but only by relying upon them, hence the play with type and colours herein is an attempt to reach those which are normally well beyond professional needs – as far as equipment (and invention) could support. With a small platen and a handful of types, the one plentiful commodity has been time, with a need to say ‘Thank you’ to all who have contributed to the monthly bundles.

NOTHING has given us so much pleasure in years as this meeting writers and publishers through the media of their words and printing and, whilst we, for once, ‘show our head’ in tribute, like the emblem we adopt, we hastily retire to continue weaving behind a harmless pseudonym: SPIDER

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BEING variations with punning intent on a single theme, we intend to use even more examples as needs and occasions arise. Why only one?

The Quadrat

A vehicle for single-piece multi-colour linocuts usually in chromatic change.

Baconiana Letter

Original researches into the authorship of the ‘Shake-speare’ plays.


Experiments and fun with print dedicated to non-publishers.

The Spinner

Publicity & comment, from the old world to the new. Issued to the full membership of NAPA and AJ friends in ISPA and BAPA.

The Wheler Art Press

THE above school press would like to exchange print or publications with similar school presses in the U.S.A. and Canada or any school abroad.

If any N.A.P.A. or I.S.P.A. member can introduce our style and address to a school press department we should be much obliged.

We should also be very pleased to be put on any a.j. publisher’s mailing list. All print received will be gratefully acknowledged.


Wheler County Secondary School,
Higher Openshaw,
Manchester 11, England.

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Since commencing this publication I must admit that the matter of ‘time’ has been anything but ‘plentiful’! With the arrival of an ‘Arab’ f’lscap-folio treadle platen it was inevitable that all type matter on this side of the paper in one colour should be printed all together. Otherwise, the rest was printed on a 6×4 Adana HS2. The blocks are linocuts, those above being acrylic casts from the actual coin. I shall not list the pot-pourri of types except to say that the texts are in Times and Verona series of type faces.

For the record, there are 16 colours and including the scoring, it involved 21 machinings to complete.

This publisher swears never to use more than six colours in two workings for future issues of The Spinner; this a promise and not a farewell! SPIDER

Published by Eric Webb,
Clayton, Manchester 11, England.

Parlour Press Publications:
Manchester, England.

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