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by Jeanne Laurette Sullivan

The noisy streets can’t dim your voice
The fog can’t hide your face
Nor can the shelter of the breeze
Replace your sweet embrace

The stillness of the darkened night
Makes known my throbbing heart
Forever, dear, reminding me
That now we are apart.

The shining brook, the trickling stream
Can’t play our favorite song
Nor can the singing evening breeze
Bring joy, now that you’re gone.

Must life go on its futile way
To be lived by me in vain –
While I ponder if eternity
Will unite us once again?

Why the Spectra?
by J. L. Sullivan

To me, poetry is a symphony in words. Each poem is a part of one of the many movements which form part of the whole composition.

Fantasy, whimsy, love, hate, and death are all reflected in the poet’s work, all indicating the mood and tempo of the poet’s life. When one records these colorful moods in verse, a Spectra of colorful music is formed. Gathered together, these rainbow hues form one complete symphony, the symphony of life.

Herein I have given you a brief glimpse of my own private symphony, hoping that you too will feel its music.

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Our Love
by J. L. Sullivan

It’s the golden link that binds us now together –
The kindly thoughts that come again to mind,
The magic of a glorious remembering
The fact that I am not completely thine.

Our future hopes and joys already forming
Makes our cares become a pleasant interlude –
When love above all else is in forgiving
And kindness reigns to serve our hearts as food.

It’s Youth
by J. L. Sullivan

When you place all your faith in someone
Someone you hold quite dear
Even when clouds are the darkest
You’re sure that the sun will appear.

‘Tis not hard to be carefree and happy
When life is all froth and all bubble
And the world is a rainbow of laughter,
When schoolwork’s your serious trouble.

Ah, Youth goes on merrily singing
As a brook sings its favorite song
‘Till along comes Old Age with its heartaches
I know – I just reached twenty-one!

Q. T.
by J. L. Sullivan

I had a little secret
That I wasn’t going to tell
But everyone about me knows
So I guess I might as well.
For it is very plain to me
And everyone about, that
Darling, I’m in love with you –
Oh! Now my secret’s out!

A Thought
by J. L. Sullivan

The man who holds his head up high
Thru thick and thin, thru joy and rain,
The man who laughs at world’s small woes
Has naught to lose, and all to gain!
The man who lets his head bend down
Beneath each care, at sight of trouble
Will find that ere his troubles cease
They will have mounted, to be double.

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J. L. Sullivan, Editor
Caldwell, N. J.

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