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The Milk Can’s Romance
by L. Shakshear

THE Milk Can laughed and shook with glee, as he happened to see the milkmaid’s knee. Altho old in service and battered and worn, he never was sad and seldom forlorn. He loved pretty women and men who were gay, and sweet milk from cows who were fed plenty of hay, and nobody noticed and nobody cared, when of his riches a little he shared, for the milkmaid was sweet and buxum and fair, and the way she drank milk was certainly rare, and as often as she came for a glass of warm milk, he felt like a gentleman all dressed up in silk, and then he regretted he wasn’t a man, for he loved if any can, can. Then suddenly changed his frown for a grin, as he thought of their children half flesh and half tin, and decided to stay single right through to the end so he rattled his handles and grinned a sly grin, and that very moment he felt his heart mend, the milkmaid leaned over and there on her chin a cute little dimple all covered with milk, so the romance was ended and all through the years when he thinks of the milkmaid he smiles through the tears.

“Happiness cannot be perfect until it is shared.” – Jane Porter

by Remelda N. Gibson
Toole, Utah

Patricia donned her nicest dress
And carefully combed her hair;
She put her sheerest nylons on
And powdered her face with care.
She had a date with handsome Joe
Her lips were coyly painted
But just as Joe knocked on the door
She saw a mouse… and fainted.

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Regina Taylor has had the flue. Promises an essay on weather prediction soon.

Thanks for mention – A. A. J; Eager Beaver; Global Thoughts; and The Sword.

“Why not enlarge to a 4×6?” – Sid Cohen.
Ans. Short of type, time, and a warm place in which to print. But we’re hoping, Sid!

Congratulations to these No. ones in December bundle: – Eager Beaver; Zephyr; Dribblings; Great Lakes Coastliner; and Historiana. May you all come again soon.

From one printer to another – That was a great job you did on the Hilltop, Don Wible, and not bad on the Lone Indian. Fifty-two pages and cover. And eight pages of Something almost had me down.

Wes Wise hits the nail on the head in his article “The Despotic Ajayer” in Global Thoughts for December.

“I hope to see the day when Something adopts a larger format.” – Emerson Duerr

by Clifford Palmer

Nature’s; Streams and fields
And adoring trees –
‘Neath pleasant sky
Where clouds go by.
What inspiration for poetries!

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Edited, printed, and published by John L. Shear of Smiths Basin, New York.
Member of A. A. P. A. and Lone Indian Fraternity.

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