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by J. L. S.

Night after night,
Slipping, staggering, sliding,
In single file we go.
Our Major is riding (poor horse)
Mud, mud, mud everywhere.
Full field equipment,
Near a hundred pounds.
Extra pair of hobnails
Make you tear your hair,
Dark as any night can be.
Away from the horizon
Flashes from the artillery.
Where we going? What’s the place?
Time alone can tell,
We think we know the answer,
We’re marching into hell!

“Happiness grows at our own firesides, and is not to be picked in strangers’ gardens.” – Douglas Jerrald

Her lips were like butter
As I heard her mutter
You make my heart flutter
When you start to stutter.
Jack L.

Anyone else have a Model press? Drop me a card. Type is Modern Roman with Italic to match, and Franklin Gothic used sparingly.

“If you are bored, as you well may be, then go out and climb a tree.” – Ima Payne

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by V. H. A.

One, Percival Hevvins, the gay Lothario
Who travelled down South, the Crackers to show
What wit, charm and graces, a man should possess
But he failed to impress them and we rather guess
He headed back North, so keep open your eye
And help AAPA to locate this guy.

Sorry – had planned on beginning some Little Lessons in Printing in this issue but have to postpone them until I learn how to space, spell, punctuate and make a good impression.

“You better grab a little happiness day by day, for it may be the only bit of happiness which will come your way.” – Apos Trophe

Bessie had a baby
It looked just like its dad.
All the neighbors smiled and said,
Wasn’t that too bad.
Intaglio Moans

Can you wiggle your ears?
Can you stand on your toes?
Can you balance a ball on the end of your nose?
Neither can I.
Roe Tate

No time for living
Got to get ready to die
No time for loving
The undertaker is drawing nigh.
Einstein Jones

We wish to thank Marvin H. Neel of The Epitomizer for suggesting a number of new names as contributors. Ima Payne and Roe Tate are with us in this issue.

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Edited, printed, and published by John L. Shear of Smiths Basin, New York.
Member of A. A. P. A. and Lone Indian Fraternity.

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