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Let the howlers howl,
Let the growlers growl,
Let the scowlers scowl,
And the gee-gaws go it.
You keep in the light,
Be brave in your fight,
You’ll win alright,
And I know it.

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Branch, Hawes, and Lemon must agree with our slogan in May issue, “Give me the lighter touch.”

Hang sorrow! Care will kill a cat –
And therefore let’s be merry.
George Withow

If you didn’t read this far, check here.

“Who is going to chew your wrinkled old neck now that my teeth are gone?”


Petite Patsy Reese is a good subtractor…
When a group of young fellows is the factor.
Remelda N. Gibson

Printed on a Model 6 x 9. Type is Roman with Italic to match, and a little Franklin Gothic.

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“Mother, there isn’t any harm in walking in the park with a young man after dark, is there?”

“No, not if you keep on walking. When I was young, I often went walking in the park at night.”

“And did you keep on walking?”

“Hush, girlie – it’s time for you to go to bed.”

The Best American Jokes

The No Man

When there’s a row to hoe,
A contract to bind,
An axe to grind,
Watch the guy with N in his eye –
He doesn’t know aye,
He doesn’t know may,
Gromyko knows only no.
Brief Robert

Washee, washee, dirty clothes
What I find there, nobody knows!
Molly B. Golly

Many thanks to John R. Castleman, Lee Hawes, Jim Lemon, Alfred M. Perdue, Unk Ebenezer, Wilfred E. Miss and Russ Paxton for greetings from the beautiful Convention city of Roanoke.

What a shame!
What a shame!
To meet a nice fellow
And not know his name.
Katie Shea

My pockets are empty and so is my purse. If this don’t sell, will have to try verse, which we can assure you, won’t be any worse. – Intaglio Moans

Her lips were like a velvet rose
But after she’d gone to sup,
They no longer had a rose like tint
She’d left them on the coffee cup.
V. H. A.

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