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Note and Vote

Us Wessons are running for AAPA offices – Helen for Director and Sheldon for re-election as Official Editor. We therefore accept the nomination of the Florida Chapter for these offices.

Sheldon for Editor

Several months ago I told Lin Clark and others who asked that I didn’t think I’d be able to run for Official Editor this year because I thought that dissolution of the ASTP, to which I was then assigned, might take away the little free time that I had. Later, I was under the impression that Karl Williams would be urged to seek the office, and so I had no thought of running.

However, I find myself in the Infantry with surprisingly more free time. Sure, I work harder during the day – but no more compulsory study hours at night, no more nine hours of classes, no more piddling 25-hour weekend passes. Groveman’s remark that “1943 found Wesson doing relatively little in the Army’s ASTP program” gripes me. Bill may have gold-bricked on a grassy campus, and is judging others by his own standard. I don’t know. But I spent nine months working – hard enough to attain a rating of “Fluent” in my assigned language and attain fifth place in a class of 94 men.

No member of the Armed Forces is “stable” in his whereabouts. But at least give me credit for enough intelligence to know that myself, without being told. When I came to Mississippi this division was preparing to move out on a day’s notice for three months’ maneuvers in Louisiana. Faced with this possibility, Helen and I worked out plans for publishing AAJ during that period with her assistance. No one can doubt her capabilities in this respect.

The maneuvers never came off but during the six weeks we were apart half of the copy for the 24-page June AAJ was prepared between us by mail. I’d like to point out in reply to Groveman’s assertion that this 24-page issue, AAPA’s largest, was prepared entirely during these months that I have been in the Infantry.

During several address changes, mail has followed us Wessons with only a delay of a few days. Should I be moved, this would be only a minor and temporary inconvenience.

As for Karl Williams – I wrote him after the Florida Chapter’s meeting and said that I’d still refuse their nomination and urge support of him if he could see his way clear to run. But Karl hasn’t even time to print our Siamese Standpipe. I, too, have great respect for the ability of our first Official Editor. But if he can’t, he can’t.

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Helen for Director

I, Helen, am running for the office of Director, and absolutely refuse any nomination to the Secretaryship.

I’ve always served AAPA to the maximum. I know better than anyone else the private circumstances that cause me to run for Director, and these circumstances will not permit me to take an office like Secretary which requires day-in, day-out recording and responsibility. Furthermore, since others are seeking this post, it is a waste of votes and a discouragement to these office-seekers to “draft” me for a job I won’t take.

Twice president, a former Director and holder of other AAPA offices, my experience speaks for itself.

* * * *

Nomination of George H. Kay as a director is a joke. He has resigned two major elective offices in two successive years and is continually complaining of his lack of time and involvement with private affairs.

Vote for Reliability

Siamese Standpipe backs the nominations of the Florida Chapter of AAPA. We know that these recommendations are not the “slate” of one or two individuals, but rather they represent the combined judgment of a group of members who have AAPA’s benefit at heart.

President – Ed Wall
First V.P. – Lee Riddle
Second V.P. – Paul Jackson
Secretary – Roy Barron
Treasurer – Ken Kulzick
Official Editor – Sheldon Wesson
Mailer – Irwin O. Brandt
Historian – William Haywood
C. and C. Mgr. – Ray Higgs
P. and P. Mgr. – Ray Albert
Ms. Mgr. – Ted Payer

Helen Wesson
Ray Higdon
Don Kergel
Dean Rea
Bill Smith

Mike Phelan cannot run again. Kergel, however, can and will.

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Published as a prelude to an 8-page furlough edition by those Mississippi Rebels (by Army, not choice)

Helen and Sheldon Wesson
Hattiesburg, Miss.

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