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Best Convention Ever

Praises to Dick George for a wonderfully productive convention. (And he cleans up real nice too. Did you see him at the banquet?)

Then enough cannot be said for the hard work done by not only Lucy Douglas, but also her hubby. My gosh, these two always had a friendly smile to give as well as endless energy. Thanks to them and to Dick George for hours of continuous hospitality.

Made some new friends and was so glad to see old ones. It was especially fun being with Pat & Jeff Jennings who will be hosting next year’s in Wichita and am looking forward to giving any and all help to them.

I also had a wonderful time with Hal & Gussie of course, as well as Millicent & Clarence. I always enjoy the Wessons, Alice’s family, Gale, Ferd, Famous, George, Elaine, Lee, the Grovemans and of course the Moitorets. So good to be with all of you, I sure missed Jim and Norma.

One of the highlights of the social aspect of the convention was the entertainment of live musicians. Absolutely adorable. And then to have a live theatre production immediately following. Why hush my puppies!

As I was packing to leave July 5th I happened to think I hadn’t even looked at my little car for five days. Hell, the Rainbows could’ve dismantled the thing and carried it away piece by piece and I wouldn’t have known. Ha

Everyone that was there may say the Auction was the most exciting part, or General Scott’s speech was, or seeing Lucy’s Japanese Paper Art, but I felt the loss of not 1 but 3!!! keys by Elaine Peck really did it for me.


We noticed there was a lot of heat and little sunshine, but that was ok. I was able to get out to the pool on July 4th about 1:30 and stayed there till 5:30.

I was very pleased to dismiss myself as Manuscript Bureau Manager and thank all of you who were super during my period of serving. I am thrilled to have been asked to head up Publicity, so you all will be hearing from me re: this.

Lastly, I just want to say how honoured I was to have been asked by Jeff Jennings to read the Necrology Report. I always get so choked up doing things of this nature I’m not quite sure if I do it justice. Anyway thanks for allowing me this privilege.

I think the funniest thing that happened was Fred Liddle meeting someone in the breakfast room thinking he was a familiar face from NAPA only to have him turn out to be just another pretty, familiar face. When I confronted Fred about this he could only gasp and wheeze.

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Read this in a new age magazine:

“Marriage is not a simple love affair, it’s an ordeal, and the ordeal is the sacrifice of ego to a relationship in which two have become one.”

New Age God
George Murphy Gray (Gigi)
Copyright: July 14, 1988, Cincinnati, OH

It’s time for all to listen.
It’s time for all to hear.
Because the new age will bring you,
Our God with an extended hand.

So many centuries have passed.
The time is here at long last.
Truths lost – found – overdue.
Even our children will understand.

The age of enlightenment.
When all are in tune.
Every mind open except a few.
The new age God – celestially grand.

Well, Are You Ready For This?

When I got back I went to a Travel Agency’s Open House and won two tickets to Hawaii! I’m spending my birthday there. Cathy Steinher is going with me and we are also celebrating her Sept. 9th birthday. (Plane fare only.) ALOHA!

My Answering Machine
George Murphy Gray
Copyright: 26 July 1988, Cincinnati, OH

I’ve had my machine for 15 years and don’t know what I would do without it and am amazed that everyone doesn’t have one and that everyone doesn’t like to leave a message.

It really bothers me when someone says they have been trying to get me for days and I retort with, “But I don’t recall hearing any messages from you.” They probably did call, but maybe once. You can’t exactly tell them they are lying through their teeth; however, they know they’ve been found out.

Messages of all sorts wind up on my machine and some aren’t so nice. The fools who leave obscene calls don’t realize I guess you have their voiceprint. Also, I have had a variety of noises that are amusing. And then of course gobs of wrong numbers.

Friends tell me they too go through these various phases checking out their messages. One friend said his number was close to a pizza shop and always got their wrong numbers, but what boggled his mind was that someone listened to his entire message and then left an order. Insanity!

I love my machine to take messages when I’m on trips, but I love it even more when I am busy and am waiting for a call and can screen the calls only to pick up when that awaited caller’s voice is heard. It is very annoying to be in the middle of a creative idea and have the phone ring only to find it to be a wrong number or pesty salesman.

Lastly, the funniest I have ever heard was recently when a small child called, left a lengthy message and then said he wasn’t sure he was calling the right number and if my number was a wrong number, “I promise to never call it again.” I loved it.

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320 copies for 320 fabulous folks.
George Murphy Gray (Gigi)
Cincinnati, OH 45219

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