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Beware: Tramp Printer at Large!

While we’re feverishly setting this type, pressless Ralph Babcock is printing the first two pages of the next laureate winner, Scarlet Cockerel 45, each two pages to be run off in different shops.

Castleman Goes Fishing

We still favor the production of a complete recruiting mailing piece for an NAPA-financed project rather than putting out the dough for a literary supplement to the official organ. Who writes any amateur literature these days anyway? We should have a mailing piece for prospects styled like Life, highly illustrated with pix of well-known hobby shops, with how-to-do articles on setting up a shop, selection of type and the mechanics of putting out an amateur paper.

Fair Lawn Frolickers

APC guests of Till, Bill and Paul Haywood were: Ralph and Alf Babcock; Ann and J. Rolfe Castleman; Gayle Gamble; Sue Jester; Kensei Hiwaki; Hazel, Harold, Nancy, David and Wendy Segal; Sheldon C., Helen, David and Pamela Wesson; Roy Lindberg; Al and Kay Lee; Felicitas Haggerty.

Japanese Guest

We had a guest by the name of Kensei Hiwaki, a Japanese student at Drew University. We are going to a bonodori in New York, which is a dance for the dead. We are going to wear kimonos and getting me into mine is one fiasco. – Pamela.

All Talk, No Work

If we could utilize the women’s yakking in the next room, we’d have a lot of copy.

Monaco Misadventure

Needed by the Monaco Moitorets: A craftsman to unscramble the parts of the C&P 8×12. Type is ready; copy is written. “I thought he was a damage control officer,” says RWB.

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Lost, Strayed or Stolen

We are awaiting the arrival of ex-prexy Thomas Blackbeard – er, Whitebeard – er, Whitbread – who said he might make it.

Status of Gestation

Amateur papers known to be “in press” or “in contemplation” at this moment:

Continuation of Kelly Janes’ memoirs: worm’s eye view of the weeklies – resumed after a 5-year hiatus. Copy in the hands of Alf Babcock.

Interim Edition, 4 pages, scheduled for publication by the Castlemans. Masthead already set. “All we need now is the copy” sez Rolfe.

Kitten, 87 and Cerebrations 10 were mailed to the Mailer, Virginia Baker, this morning by Alf Babcock. Carla Patsuris is the publisher of Cerebrations.

Type is set for a 6-page Shandygaff, and printing is scheduled for next week. Harold Segal also has 4 pages set on a 12-page Campane.

APC News 115 is reported in production. No confirmation of this rumor available at this time.

I Rise to Nominate…

We should propose a ticket for the 1969 NAPA convention – as is APC News custom – but, frankly, we’re still overwhelmed by the uncanny ease Ann Arbor selected a terrific slate of officers. We hear Bill Boys volunteered to be secretary-treasurer, was then duly elected, and then discovered the job was for two years!

Wesson is Colorful, Believe it or Not!

Wesson related his troubles with a new color, called Vanishing Pink, which really works. We think it should be fine for signing checks.

George Has Been Sleeping it Off Again

The Castlemans have it over George Washington in this trip to an APC meet. On July 19 they crossed the Delaware ten times: once at Wilmington, once at Philadelphia and eight times between New Hope, Pa. and Lambertville, N. J. APC trips for the Castlemans resemble safaris, particularly after side shopping trips are completed along the way.

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APC at the Private Press of the Haywoods
Fair Lawn, N. J. 07410

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