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by Garth Costa

It’s a good feeling to be in love.
You buy them things, they respect you
When you’re in love, you have to prove something.
Soon they’ll prove that they love you too.
Yet, you and love live on.

by Garth Costa

As the squirrels get ready for
Winter to set in,
They fill their cheeks up with acorns,
Stashing them in their hideouts.
Yet, when they sniff the air for a scent,
They will find nothing.
As the great wind starts whistling
And turning,
The squirrel knows it is winter;
Now he goes to his hideout
To start hibernation.

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Among The Clouds
by Sue Runyon

My song is lifted off the page and floats away
Among the clouds.
I make my own special copy, and it is all mine,
And only mine.

My feelings come shining through;
They only tell you what I feel,
Then they float away
Among the clouds.

They are his – yet they are mine,
And our love is shared together.

I hear silence of deep thought.

It is finished,
And yet it will never be.

My song is lifted off the page and floats away
Among the clouds.

My song is lifted off the page and floats away

Among the clouds.

About This Issue

As an editor and publisher, it is a great pleasure to publish fresh new works such as appear in this issue.

Thanks to Lea Palmer, our efficient Manuscript Manager, I introduce two new, young, talented poets, Garth Costa and Sue Runyon. Both have been members of NAPA less than a year.

Garth is almost 13 and is Frank Mercer’s grandson. I think you will agree that his two pieces contain deep insight and simple beauty. He gives promise of great talent.

I quote from a note sent with her manuscript and let Sue tell the story about her beautiful and delightful song:

“The short story was originally written for a contest (which the) Writer’s Club at my high school was offering. A friend of mine read it and decided to use it for one of his class assignments in college – a movie! Well, after many hours of pain, we finished. Not having any narration, we needed some sort of soundtrack to help out. We used 3 of my songs. ‘Among The Clouds’ was chosen as theme song and title of the movie. (Words written Dec 4, 1973; Music written Dec 5, 1973; Movie made in May, 1974.)”

With talent like this, this year for NAPA promises much with great joy. You can find an address for each of these authors in your NA, June 1974 issue. Write them.

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Handset and printed by Keith M. Gray at the Gray Private Press, Mundelein, IL 60060. Body type is Goudy Oldstyle. 425 copies printed on a 7 x 11 Pearl and distributed to NAPA and to other friends.

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