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Official News Bulletin of the Michigan Amateur Journalists Chapter
Affiliated with the American Amateur Press Association

Around the State: News and Notes from Michigan
Compiled by Robert Kunde

Although the MAJORS have had a serious setback in their chapter activity, the present outlook again appears to be bright and rosy. Every member hopes to resume active publishing schedules for the winter season and our new members have many promising plans…. One of the best MAJOR prospects discovered is Don Aumann of Center Line. His new journal should be a standout in size and quality from advance information reaching our quarters. Don just passed the twenty one mark and is now eligible for the “draft” which makes him wonder if he should volunteer his services for defense immediately.

This new member is interested in all press work, corresponding, collecting and sports. Watch Aumann in the AAPA!… Bob Grzeskowiak, our mail carrier member in Alpena, almost bought a press recently. We hope he gets into the grind soon for with his ideas and plans, his journal would boost Michigan stock upward… Hank Vinkemulder with Type High will again make an appearance. His home town of Grand Rapids may be the scene of the first annual MAJOR Convention this summer.

Erich Werner and Bob Kunde outlined a complete working program for the MAJOR Chapter during their first meeting at the Milwaukee convention. A recruiting campaign was later launched when Erich visited Stevensville on his way to Detroit and New York. Present plans call for the publication of publicity releases in Detroit dailies in the hopes of organizing a local chapter in that area which would sponsor the 1942 national AAPA get-together in Detroit

Mrs. Billie Detloff, past President of the Detroit Amateur Press Club, is keenly interested in the Michigan group and is lending valuable aid in interesting prospective Detroit members…. What seems to be the reason for the eternal silence exhibited by our three Bay City members? We are all anxious to see another of Jim Reid’s Wolverine! Burton Jay Smith is again instructing students at science in the Wyandotte Public Schools after serving as Director at Camp Davaja near Brighton.

In reply to a recent query, the MAJORS welcome all amateur journalists of all associations into our state chapter but the new prospect must join and promise to become active in the AAPA. We were organized to promote interest and greater activity in the American and our state club is of secondary importance. George Macauley forwarded interesting information on the history of Michigan chapters. It seems that this is the sixth attempt to organize all Michigan amateur journalists in one body. The first chapter was active in 1879 and succeeding ones flourished in 1890, 1913, 1925 and 1934. The 1934 – 1937 group had a good lease of life sponsoring six conventions and issuing many papers. What historic traditions will the MAJORS contribute to our states amateur journalistic societies?

Two MAJOR members wish to be represented on the 1941 AAPA Official Board. Your support is appreciated! Erich H. Werner heads the Progressive Ticket for the Presidency with Bob Kunde as his running mate for Second Vice President. Their quest for office is based upon their record of past activity and service for the American cause.

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Wolverine Wisps: The Editors Page

It seems good to resume the publication of the club organ again! In our enthusiasm for organizing, we placed our standards and hopes for the state division a bit too high and found it difficult to muster cooperation of all the state members. But we are back in stride again and on a more permanent footing. We feel sure that with the more leisure time the officers now have, the attempts to put the MAJOR chapter on top will bear fruit. Our chapter news bulletin will appear regularly on the communal plan of publishing. We have decided to continue with our individual journals leaving all news features for this publication.

Michael Phelan in his Katydid discusses at great length the futility and absurdity of all state chapters. Every member of the MAJORS disagree with his convictions that these movements are fallacies and work in competition to the mother organization. When the welfare of the AAPA comes first in all respects, we feel that the state groups are very valuable aids in promoting activity and also adding that necessary zest and enthusiasm to keep things rolling. State chapters should be encouraged to continue the work.

The Presidential Message: Choosing Our Candidates
by Erich H. Werner

With 1940 coming rapidly to a close, we find ourselves confronted with another election. When choosing your candidates this December, let’s remember that we must choose only those members who can give only 100 percent support to the American Amateur Press Association.

We are facing a “critical year” and if our candidates do not put every effort toward the furthering of our own association, then we may realize too late that our “critical year” will be a failure. We cannot let that happen, for if it does not only will the AAPA suffer, but the whole field of amateur journalism will suffer.

We know that there will always be the all American supporters that are found in our association, but in addition we also find enough radicals who believe in a too – rapid change. Change is good when it is a good change, but if such changes are brought about by someone who is split in their support, then we might find these so-called “good changes” to be directly against our purpose.

Amateur journalism to most of us is something more than just a hobby – it is part of us and we must see that it is kept moving along in a way that will do us justice. We are still the press association that is leading the others – let’s keep it there! Be wise when you choose your candidates for leading the AAPA through 1941. Choose candidates with experience, those that are old enough to understand the problems that confront us. We cannot allow our association to become too juvenile. Forward and onward in 1941!

Let’s make Werner our next AAPA President

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THE MIGHIGAN JOURNALIST serves as the official news bulletin of the Michigan Amateur Journalists Chapter which is affiliated only with the American Amateur Press Association. This number was edited, printed and published at the Banner Press by Robert E. Kunde of Stevensville, Michigan. R. F. D.

Volume One – November, 1940 – Number Two
On to Detroit – In 1942

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