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No man is completely worthless; he can always be used as a bad example. – Author Unknown

Television for Women

The other night I happened to arrive home while my wife was watching a TV special about divorce in the United States. I tried to talk to her during this program but she kept shushing me until the very end because she didn’t want to miss anything. I related this to one of the fellows with whom I work and he proceeded to tell me how lucky I was because his wife never watched anything worthwhile.

Big Game Hunting

Several years ago I went deer hunting with some friends. Most of these fellows were going to spend a week while another fellow, Jack, and I planned on only two days there. We left early, (2 a.m.), and arrived to meet the rest of the gang about five. We then spent most of that day in the fields without even seeing a deer. Now this particular area is well known as a good hunting place and so we had a problem finding accommodations for the evening as the local motels were booked up with reservations far in advance.

Finally, Jack and I were able to find a cabin some distance away from the others and eventually got to bed about a quarter to eleven, bone tired. We had to rise early in the morning in order to meet the others by five. I had brought an alarm clock with me but I really didn’t trust it because sometimes it had a tendency to run fast while at other times it did the reverse, or it would fool me completely and stop.

Sometime later I awoke wondering what time it was. I couldn’t distinguish my alarm clock in the dark so I held my wristwatch up to read it. It was five twenty-five! We were late! I jumped out of bed and woke Jack. We dressed as rapidly as possible, considering all our heavy hunting clothing, during which time I kept hearing Jack muttering, “It feels like we just went to bed.” As I was lacing my boots I checked my watch again only to discover I had my watch on upside down and it was really only five after eleven. We had only been in bed a short fifteen minutes! I found it very difficult to break the news and even to this day Jack never bothers to ask me the time.

We didn’t see any deer during the entire trip.

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Can anyone help me identify the following type styles?

#1 The pinmarks identifies this as from the Johnson type foundry of Philadelphia.

#2 The pin mark is just a circle with a horizontal line through the center.

#3 There aren’t any pinmarks on this foundry type.


A Kelsey hand press 6 x 10 or smaller for my young son to get started in this hobby.

… and coming in the next issue

A new and better (?) layout for the California job case.

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Published and printed by Jack S. Oliver on a 10 X 15 C & P O. S. incorporating the use of Gallia, Century Schoolbook, with italic, and Copperplate Gothic all printed on nondescript paper at Springfield, Virginia 22152.

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