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Help The Poet
by Stella Craft Tremble

Help the poet reach the heart of all mankind,
As a bird draws multitude on happy wings
When he sings.
Let love and charity and kindness mate
In hearts, to make all men articulate.
And let the poet help mankind… and be so wise,
That all God’s children hear him sing
Of Paradise.

My Doll
by Lea Palmer

My doll has eyes of wondrous blue,
That speak to me of love so true,
Her lips so sweet and cheeks so red,
With golden hair curled round her head,
And skin of whitest hue.

Her dress is o’erlaid with lace,
And in her arms close to her face,
She clasps to her a sweet bouquet
Of roses red and violets gay
That cuddle to their place.

With grace and charm of gesture faintly,
She rests upon the cushion quaintly,
Surveying all my treasures there,
And watching them with every care
In manner calm and saintly.

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Little Debbie
by Laurence E. Estes

Little Debbie with not a frown
Has eyes of blue and hair of brown,

She is just a sweet baby girl
And keeps her parents in a whirl!

Within her mouth she puts her fist
For food is highest on her list…

She is cuddly and she is cute
About that there is no dispute.

She sleeps so sound and peacefully
And rarely cries expectantly

For attention or loving arms
Not many have such doll-like charms;

You’ll find no matter where you’ve been
No such child as Deborah Lynn!

After Reading Scripture
by Dorothy MacAulay

Having washed the windows of your mind
With sharp vinegar of wisdom,
Now see yourself through eyes of Truth:
Blessed child of God,
Sprung from incredible
Standards of excellence,
Journeying back
To your source.

Just Thoughts (No. 4)
by Berneice A. McCombs

God makes such wonderful things
A kitten to chase a string.
A puppy to chase his tail.
A child to love.

God makes such wonderful things
Like you and me!

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Napa-rays is published by Ray Allen Albert, Blacksburg, Va. 24060.
Manuscript courtesy of the Manuscript Bureau.

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